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  1. 1Jerseydevil

    1st day hike in Warren Grove

    I have a report that there was a lot of state police activity around 10.30 A.M. and a load of cars parked on both sides of Beaver Dam rd, but no folks associated with the cars observed. About an hour later all the cars were moved to both sides of the FAA driveway and the police were still...
  2. 1Jerseydevil

    PPA drone footage

    The use of drones in State forests, F&G and DEP land is against the law, apparently the PPA is above the law and publically flaunts the law promoting it's single minded spam...
  3. 1Jerseydevil

    Historic Aerials

    What's up? I now get a blank page with a heading of "Fantasy Adventure" that appears you have to join [pay?] and log in. While I mostly use the NJPB maps I do like the '08 map after the Warren Grove fire and the '63 map. I'm not going on some fantasy ride and pay so I assume that's another...
  4. 1Jerseydevil

    Stupid is as stupid does

    Normally I wouldn't laugh at the situation, but after reading the story.... Yes I would agree it is a "special edition". Wonder if daddy is happy now?
  5. 1Jerseydevil

    Double speed limit signs

    Don't have pictures, noticed yesterday along Rt 539 the speed limit signs are doubled, one offset behind the other by from 6" to maybe 2'. Anyone know the purpose? If replacing the signs why not pull the old one? Has this been noticed anywhere else?
  6. 1Jerseydevil

    Aerial color question What your looking at is the Warren Grove bombing range. Notice the red/orange color. Did they at one time use a...