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  1. woodjin

    A Pine Barrens Mystery

    I came across this on ebay. I wonder whatever happened to him. An internet search didn't provide any further detail, except an article in the Asbury Park Press from 1933, I don't have a subscription so I couldn't access the article. They state the car was found 5 miles south of chatsworth...
  2. woodjin


    Not pine barrens but fairly close. Being of viking lineage I always find this stuff interesting.
  3. woodjin

    View from the dump truck

    Working the cranberry harvest
  4. woodjin

    Lake Horicon

  5. woodjin

    Black Rat

    Black rat snake, juvenile. I find them on my property often. they must be breeding here or someplace close by.
  6. woodjin


    Has anybody ever seen any mistletoe north of the Mullica river?
  7. woodjin

    Wood Burning Stove Pine Barren

    Pine Barren stove. Excellent cond. $800 obo 609-351-2972
  8. woodjin

    The lost and forgotten Sandy Ridge Station

    The only ruins I could find of this long gone train station. out house pit probably over grown celler hole another out house hole a bit further away from the other ruins Jeff
  9. woodjin

    they ain't pineys

  10. woodjin


    Jack (my seven year old) and I were out in the woods this weekend and came across four young raccoons. It was cool for me and very exciting for him. They went straight up into the trees and I got some great video, and some photos too. Two in a tree
  11. woodjin

    Dead Rattlesnake

    This rattlesnake met an unfortunate end on route 532. It looks like it's head was crushed. I know we don't usually post pics of dead animals but this is not very grusome.
  12. woodjin

    plant ID

    I'm thinking golden crest? Found on a hummock in Harrisville pond a flower on the same hummock
  13. woodjin

    Jemima Mount in June

    can you spot Jack in the 4th photo (not the 5th, that is too easy)? Jeff
  14. woodjin


    Yep, ticks were out and about this week. Heavy in some spots.
  15. woodjin

    Warren Grove Bogs and Forest Fire

    I went hiking with my son in the Warren Grove Bogs on Saturday. This area is property of the NJ Natural Lands Trust. A unique area with old abandoned bogs and pine plains. Part of the wading river, or oswego depending on which time period map you consult. Jack investigating a...
  16. woodjin

    opinions on Jersey Devil Hike/Hunt

    Wharton SF is hosting a Jersey Devil hike. I have a seven year old I was thinking of taking on it, but I am not sure if he is too young. I don't want to tramatize him. One Wharton employee said that age 7 was boarderline. Does anybody have any experience with a Wharton sponsered Jersey...
  17. woodjin

    Deep in Wharton

    Few human eyes have witnessed this first hand. I can't say the same for amphibious eyes however. Pics were taken with iphone. bog aster (i believe) and cranberry appropriately located on a a bog this was, at times, a dangerous area with "quaking bogs"...
  18. woodjin

    Another Ride

    I bought this jeep cherokee from my drummer. I still have my legendary bronco. The bronco is a battle proven veteran of the pines. It also has more lift and larger, more aggressive tires than the Jeep could ever have without an aftermarket lift. My plan is to replace the bronco with the...
  19. woodjin

    Northern brown snake?

    Found this little guy late last night as I was heading out for a bike ride. He was in front of my garage. For perspective, the circular thing in the bottom of the bucket is about the size of a nickle. I believe it is a northern brown snake, but perhaps some of the herp experts on the forum...
  20. woodjin

    "STOP IT"

    Sometimes I fantasize that people this stupid don't really exist, but then there's always a video to bring me back to reality.