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    Alternative use for abandoned sand mine quarries :)

    Rooftop solar is still fairly inefficient but once you goto large scale projects like this it can become quite cost effective. I could see a company leasing a quarry pond for 25 years :) Better than building on open space (although former capped landfills are ok)...
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    "Free" over the air delivered television signals to be upgraded over next 2-3 years

    Your current television will need a converter to accept the new transmission starting 2018 to 2020. HDR, and 4k will be transmitted as well. Some pay as you go features eventually available...
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    Pine Barrens Film - Final production work

    "An experimental documentary exploring the landscape, people, folklore and perception of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Directed by David Scott Kessler." Five years in the making. Till this point fully self funded by Director and his peer group. Final production work to be completed. If you are...
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    Pinelands Commmission approves natural gas pipeline this morning

    Hundreds turned out once again to oppose. The last four Governors have written (twice) that they oppose it. The original writers of the CMP oppose it. The NG will have zero benefit to pinelands residents but possible leaks or worse are possibilities. I'm all for converting from coal to gas...
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    Warm weather - Early Spring flowers?

    Pyxie, Golden Club, Broom Crowberry some of the earliest. Winter is not over yet and we could still get a cold spell/blizzard/etc but I am wondering if this exceptionally warm weather continues if Spring will have sprung a bit early this year.
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    Hunting Clubs Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area

    Looking to speak with representatives of hunting clubs, or any WMA friendly groups that utilize this WMA. If anyone has any suggestions, names, emails, cell #'s, etc it would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
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    Timing of a controlled burn to help restore Pineland flora

    If you were looking to perform a legal controlled burn in a privately held current Oak-Pine forest (historically Pine-Oak) area buffered up against a Savannah with the desired result to maximize the generation of Pinelands oriented wildflowers and flora what season would be the best to have this...
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    Hammock Camper? Pine Barrens Night Sky Photographer?

    One winner chosen weekly on Thursdays through 10/28 will walk away with a $150 Grand Trunk Swag Package! Contest details below: Intro YouTube video....
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    Active Murder Investigation - Tabernacle area - NJSP request help

    State Police Seeking Public’s Assistance with Murder Investigation The New Jersey State Police is seeking the public's assistance with a homicide that occurred in Tabernacle Township, Burlington County on Friday, July 1. ... At 4:38 p.m., troopers responded to a residence in the township when...
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    Largest water based evacuation in world history

    Narrated by Tom Hanks - 11 min and 56 seconds - 9/11
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    Destruction of Bald Eagle Nest - Salem County - $2,500 reward (see article)
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    The "graying" of rural America

    Some good data from a national perspective. It is no secret that the children and grandchildren of farmers and ranchers are in many cases no longer interested in the very long and tough hours necessary with limited financial reward and they are letting these farms/ranches die. The flip side to...
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    Cedar Creek - Double Trouble - Clear water question

    Just a quick question....why is the water at Cedar Creek so clear in comparison to other Pinelands tannin stained water? After a heavy rain I have seen pinelands streams be fairly transparent but my understanding is Cedar Creek is exceptionally clear. Looking for any scientific and/or best...
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    Update on new housing/commercial space proposal for Manchester

    Key points of the redevelopment plan include: (From May 20th meeting) 6543 new housing units 1 million square feet of commercial space 1 million square feet of industrial space
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    Happy Earth Day!

    Light rain in the morning tomorrow with some cloud cover....great for Spring flower photos.
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    Possible Black Bear

    As an FYI and with the caveat that I am hearing this second hand (and unfortunately there are no photos). Having said that a young woman is reporting to Fish and Wildlife that this morning on the Mullica River Trail near the intersection with the purple trail connector she spotted bear scat as...
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    Observations of core area Pine Barrens water

    From perusing some of the many postings on this site I am glad to see that many of the folks who contribute have been involved in one way or another with this area since the 1970's and in some cases even earlier. Have you observed that there is less surface water in the various spungs...