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  1. The Wick

    Changes at Chairville?

    Had some time to kill yesterday in Medford. Decided to drive past Chairville cemetery and drive up Sandtown Rd and past Kirbys Mill and finally to check on the progress at the Dr. Stills historic site. I went to pull in front of the cemetery but now it is all fenced in with a black metal fence...
  2. The Wick

    Ammunition Depot

    As a kid growing up in Forked River, I heard people talk about how the military stored ammunition in the pines. People talked about bunkers and buildings. I heard they were near the railroad bed. Not too long ago they burned the area between the mountain and the railroad bed. There are now 3...
  3. The Wick

    Pleasure Club of Land Development

    I came across this picture while doing some research on another house in Lacey Township. It is titled "Pleasure club of land development project, Ocean County, New Jersey" Does anyone know what or where this was in Ocean County? It is dated 1938
  4. The Wick

    Crystal Lake

    Was out in Manchester yesterday back by Wrangle Brook. Decided, I would just take a quick ride over to Crystal Lake to show my kids what is there. I was a little skeptical of going because I know Manchester Police go there quite often and I did not want a trespassing ticket. When I came out of...
  5. The Wick

    Kayaking on the Wading River

    Kayaked down the Wading from Hawkins to Godfrey with the kids yesterday. I realize it was a week day, but we only saw 7 other people total on the water or hanging out. Wading Pines campground was pretty sparse and quiet There were only a few people relaxing near Godfrey bridge and nobody at...
  6. The Wick

    More Changes at Forked River Mountain

    Took the wife and kids for a ride to the mountain on Saturday. We came in from the direction of 539 via Bryant Rd. Once I got to the base of the mountain before you turn right and go up I noticed the road toward the railroad had been cut and widened on both sides. I did not follow it so I dont...
  7. The Wick

    Forked River Mountain

    Was walking around FRM yesterday to celebrate earth day. At the top are a bunch of concrete barriers piled up. Not sure if these will be used to block the roads around the mountains or to shore up the north side which is washing away pretty badly.
  8. The Wick

    Interesting find today

    Thought this was a neat find today. This tire is easily off a large truck. Not sure how long its been here but the tree was pretty large. No size was on the tire except 10.00-20
  9. The Wick

    Lacey Materials Burned

    Walked in the Lacey Materials today after the controlled burn over a week ago. They burned as far as I could see from Lacey Road to the back of the cleared areas and into the woods beyond that. They even burned each individual pine island regardless of size. They widened and graded some roads...
  10. The Wick

    Winslow Junction

    Took a walk through Amatol/Race track area today. They made a bunch of new fire cuts. Perhaps they are going to burn down there too. Afterwards I took the kids over to Winslow Junction. I could not believe the destruction and damage that has occurred there in the last year. Every inch of train...
  11. The Wick

    Warren Grove Bombing range

    Looking at the satellite images of the WG bombing range it looks like they have an old train out there? Something they practice strafing? Does anybody know what some of the other items out there are? Buildings or old vehicles...