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  1. SuperChooch

    Pinelands Commission Resolution: MAP 2.0

    The maps they are using aren't bad, but there are still some concerns, nonetheless.
  2. SuperChooch

    Corduroy Road near Atco Dragway?

    I was talking with my dad the other day and we got talking about a corduroy road he once found. He thought it was somewhere in the area of Atco Dragway but it has been 20 plus years since he has been there. We had talked about going out and trying to find it together again but wanted to see if...
  3. SuperChooch

    Any luck fishing at Atsion lake?

    Hey all, My daughter likes fishing and I've taken her fishing at Atsion multiple times over the years but have never caught a single, blessed thing, ever. Now, I've had bad luck fishing all my life, so that may have something to do with it but has anyone else had any luck there? If so, what...
  4. SuperChooch

    Mountain Lion Sightings in Winslow

    Watch out!
  5. SuperChooch

    Ideas for a Milky Way Shot

    Hey all, I've been planning on doing a shot of the Milky Way this weekend during the new moon. I use an app call PhotoPills which you can set the time and date and it will show which way the Milky Way will be oriented, overlayed on a satellite map. I've rented a 24mm, f1.4 lens, that if I...
  6. SuperChooch

    Erosion Prevention at Jemima Mount

    Hi all, Now that the heat of summer is breaking, Open Trails NJ is planning to get back out to Jemima Mount to complete the project we started there. We will finish filling the trenches with deadfall to prevent further erosion. We will also be extending one of the railings to prevent go...
  7. SuperChooch

    Pine Snake

    Was out for a little stroll this evening and came across a pretty large Pine Snake. Really nice coloring. I stayed and watched him for a bit but didn't want to stress him out so I moved on.
  8. SuperChooch

    Personal Location Beacons (PLB) or Satellite Messengers

    Anyone have any experience with PLBs or Satellite Messengers which allow you to call for help in an emergency? I'm going on a multi day backpacking trip this summer in the Adirondacks and was thinking of picking one up. Given how often I'm out in the pines out of cell range alone, I was...
  9. SuperChooch

    North of Lower Forge

    After the thread on Mannis Duck Pond, I remembered I wanted to hike the area north of Lower Forge, specifically, this little dog leg off of the main trail: The trail was nearly completely reclaimed in places, but fairly open in others. Sometimes it was hard to even find: I came across...
  10. SuperChooch

    Friendship Bogs and what are these piles?

    I was out exploring the Friendship bogs this AM. A little wet, but a beautiful morning none the less. Was out testing my new Tamron 28-300mm lens. Obligatory bog pic Some sort of lily? Martin? Everywhere I went, I saw these piles that were dregdged out of the bogs. Anyone have an...
  11. SuperChooch

    Protecting Jemima Mount- An OTNJ Sponsored Event on June 5th

    Hi all, One of the lightning rod issues in the battle over the MAP was the damage that has been done at Jemima Mount. It was used an example and pictured in nearly every newspaper article about the MAP. Open Trails has proposed a protection project to the DEP and this project was accepted. We...
  12. SuperChooch

    Garden 2016 Underway

    Got some tomatoes, garlic, spinach, broccoli, hot peppers, lettuce, pickling cucumbers. I use a motion detection sprinkler to keep the deer away. (that black thing on the tripod) and drip irrigation connected into my sprinkler system. I have really loved the Ramapo tomato that was brought...
  13. SuperChooch

    Locations of Wharton Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs)

    Hi all, I wanted to start to collect the locations of all the newly closed ESAs so I can ultimately create a map of them for folks to reference. Here is what has been observed so far: Hampton Gate/High Crossing Rd...
  14. SuperChooch

    Power lines down on Carranza at Forked Neck

    Can't get by. If your coming in to Wharton that way, take Tuckerton.
  15. SuperChooch

    Snow on the Skit Branch

    File this one under "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take". I was facing my normal hustle and bustle this AM getting the kids off to school and getting ready for work, but I took one look at that snow and I knew i needed to get out and I knew just the place to go. I have been meaning to...
  16. SuperChooch

    Anyone catch the moonbow tonight?

    It was massive. I tried to get the trees and a part of the house for scale, but it still doesn't do it justice...
  17. SuperChooch

    Volunteer Opportunities with Open Trails NJ

    Hi all, Open Trails NJ's mission is to solve the issues facing our forests, while maintaining access for responsible recreation for hikers, hunters, enduro riders, geocachers, 4x4 enthusiests, kayakers, horseback riders, photographers and more. If you are intrested in participaing in...
  18. SuperChooch

    Request for Evidence from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA)

    The PPA has regularly used communications to their membership to send the message that there is only narrow opposition to the MAP and that this community is not willing to accept a common sense approach to the issues in Wharton. Any of the membership that doesn’t get information from other...
  19. SuperChooch

    Penn Branch Bike Trail

    I was scouting out a new activity for my wife and I this weekend so I checked out the Penn Branch bike trail. I had never know it was there before I saw it on the MAP a couple months back and have been meaning to check it out. I found it where it crossed over Mount Sandy Ridge Road (closest...
  20. SuperChooch

    Fall Colors

    Starting to get some good color. Had a great morning!