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  1. MariaV

    Great Blue Heron at Forsythe

    I caught a shot of this great blue heron near Wildlife Drive at Forsythe this past January.
  2. MariaV

    Batsto in Winter

  3. MariaV

    Rosa Rugosa

    I took this picture last May in the dunes in North Brigantine last May. My PlantSnap app identified it as a Rosa Rugosa. Beautiful flower, but I saw some sites that said it was an invasive species. Does anyone know if that is true?
  4. MariaV

    Great Egg Harbor River Paddle

    I did my first trip on the Great Egg Harbor River a couple weeks ago, putting in at Weymouth, courtesy of Winding River Campground. Some beautiful fall color starting to come in.
  5. MariaV

    Mullica River Paddle

    I paddled the Mulllica yesterday from 1st Beach to Lock's Bridge with a couple of friends. Beautiful weather, and we saw many turtles sunning themselves along the way. Here are some pictures. A Red-bellied Turtle, and I think a Painted Turtle in the back. Or is that a smaller Red-bellied...
  6. MariaV

    Goshen Pond Images

    Posting my first picture. This is a shot of an Orchard Spider I took at Goshen Pond recently.
  7. MariaV

    Recommendations for Hiking Groups?

    Greetings! I’m new to the forum. I’ve started doing some hiking around the Pine Barrens this year and was wondering if there were any active hiking groups in the Shamong area? - Maria