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  1. piker56

    Hello all!

    Hello all. It been a few years since I've been on the site. Life has not been kind to my wife and I health wise. First me and then her. My wife unfortunately passed away on 13 February, 2021. I've been her nurse for the last year and a half. Now with her gone I am finding solace in the pines...
  2. piker56

    Funny story.

    Not a big deal, but the pines, and the streams and rivers, always seem offer up new things. I stopped at Chatsworth to take a few casts last week. First time ever, a small pickerel must have been chasing something, jumped out of the water and landed on my foot. First fish I've ever had jump out...
  3. piker56

    Hello all!

    I've been out of action for quite a while due to some pretty bad health issues, but hope to be well on my way back to "normal", whatever that may be. Anyway, I've missed being a part of NJPB and hope to continue to get back to my old self! I'm looking forward to being an active member again...
  4. piker56

    Hiking/camping partner

    Lost another hiking partner. My oldest living brother Bob passed away 2 weeks ago. The attached picture is from a great trip we took in Shenandoah. Bob is second from the left. My brother Bud, in the front right, passed in 1997. We enjoyed many a campfire at some "bandit" spots in the pines...
  5. piker56

    Happy New Year!

    Celebrated New Years day in the plains with my brother (and best friend). Happy New Year!
  6. piker56

    Private beach

    I know that there is little possibility of this, but I go to a small beach on a very small stream in the pines, and I've never seen a foot print there. Last week I had one of those "I've died and gone to heaven" moments. It was hot and I stopped at "my" beach. I swam a little, ate lunch and fell...
  7. piker56

    The plains

    I spent a very enjoyable 5 hours wandering through the plains off rt 539 on Sunday. My brother had never stopped and hiked there, and it was a nice cool day for exploring. Sorry, forgot the camera, but most of you know the unusual beauty of this unique area. What a great day to be out, and the...
  8. piker56

    Back to the Pines

    All, I've been mostly off the site for a bit, but need to make a general statement that may sound strange, so bear with me. For the past few months, I've been slowly developing a medical condition that causes very vivid hallucinations. If I posted anything inappropriate, or sent out any personal...
  9. piker56

    Another year

    And so, another year has passed. My annual birthday trip almost didn't happen this year (health, long story). I picked a perfect day, left work early and went to Batsto. The weather was beautiful and the fish cooperated. Pictures wouldn't upload (not sure why), but I had a super day on the...
  10. piker56

    Stupid is as stupid does

    I've been traversing the pines for 4 decades now. Do you think I'd know better? Out in the woods alone, no cell phone, no come along or chain (both safely stored in my garage). no winch. The picture is self explanatory. Greg (A.K.A. Moron)
  11. piker56

    Batsto River

    I spent a great day Sunday with my best friend (and brother) Tom at Batsto last Sunday. The yellow and white water lilliy's were the nicest I remember. The Pickerel Weed was just starting to bloom. I took a swim at every sandy beach we saw. Typical cedar water, the top 12" was warm and the...
  12. piker56

    My new hiking partner.

    My 1st granson, born January 5th. At 10lbs, 4 oz he's already to heavy for me to carry!
  13. piker56

    Harrisville Lake

    Sorry to not have pictures, but my my camera remains broken and I need to buy a new one. Tuesday was 67 with a light breeze so I took the afternoon off as "mental health time", as some health issues may lay me up for a while soon. I put my canoe in at Harrisville Lake to fish and what a perfect...
  14. piker56

    Chatsworth Lake

    I spent a great day with my brother Tom (this is my annual birthday trip). We spent all day on Chatsworth Lake, did well fishing (caught a lot of Pickerel) and saw the Bald Eagles (Mom,Dad and at least one immature). It was a really a nice day to be out! The only problem, I still don't have a...
  15. piker56

    Beaver dam

    I went out on Friday to one of my "secret spots" for a 4 or 5 hour paddle. First, I found my camera was not working (not off to a good start). I had also left my flower field guide in the truck, and there were flowers blooming all over the place. it was fantastic! Then my 4 or 5 hour paddle was...
  16. piker56

    Snapping Turtle question

    Today, when I turned into our driveway, my wife and I were greeted by a snapping turtle. We have wetlands relatively close to our house, but not close enough where I expected to have a snapper in our yard. I walked him back to the swamp and let him go. Sorry, no pictures as the little guy (or...
  17. piker56

    Swamp walk at sunset

    I had mentioned in a previous post that one of my favorite times to be in the woods was at sunset. This past sunday I went to a favorite spot, a swamp I've hunted with my son. Sometimes it's dry, this year it has a fair amount of water. Almost there. Almost sunset An old stand. This is...
  18. piker56


    Decided to post some flower pictures from Saturday's trip seperately. Saw a lot of these. A nice pitcher plant right at the waters edge. This area is normally shallow water. There were a lot of these growing. Some type of berry? There was just so much to see. Greg
  19. piker56

    Birthday trip take 2

    I wanted to post a few more pictures and didn't know how to add them to my previous post. A nice Pickerel Tom caught. A decent bass I caught. The water was freezing! R & R. A perfecr ending to a perfect day. Greg
  20. piker56

    Birthday trip

    Since turning 50 I've went on an annual canoe/fishing trip for my birthday. Tom M and I went out on Saturday, and it was a perfect day to be out. Hope you enjoy the photos. Greg This is Tom M. This is me. Is this a pitcher plant? It was in a swampy area where we got out of the canoe and did a...