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  1. WaretownMike

    How to prevent spider bites in woods

    Been doing a lot of Bush wacking lately and spider bites all over my legs. I wear boots with pants tucked into socks but they are still getting me. No ticks
  2. WaretownMike

    Not your everyday Wells Mills Park Pics

    All pics taken by my 12 year old daughter. She really loves the outdoors and takes time setting up each shot. Great weather yesterday
  3. WaretownMike

    Great Resource for Property Ownership

    I've been using this to see who owns the property that I decide to venture within. It's a pretty decent visual map with Satellite view and land boundaries. Especially good for the visual types: Search by: Address Owners Name Neighborhood etc.
  4. WaretownMike

    Trash and Treasure

    Went out to prospect a potential "Chicken Bone" area and found some various building debris, old bottles, and some vehicles
  5. WaretownMike

    New book (to me)

    Heard this was out of print but ordered through Ocean County Historical Society
  6. WaretownMike

    Bog Iron Knife Making

    This seemed pretty interesting to do:
  7. WaretownMike

    Red Oak Grove

    Not far from Union Clay works I found a trail that leads through various piles of bricks and old Terra Cotta pipes and broken debris. Some of these pipes are a large diameter (perhaps 10 inches or more). One section of this area is at least 20ft X 20ft wide and a few feet high with piles and...
  8. WaretownMike

    Aerial Harrisville Photos

    Thought you may all enjoy a unique perspective on what is left of Harrisville. This is clearly a very fragile site and thankfully the fence prevents anyone from further damage or possible injury. Here is some video as well:
  9. WaretownMike

    Pine Barrens Under Seige!

    Thought you all might find this website "interesting"...
  10. WaretownMike

    Aerial Video of Forked River Mountain Area

    I filmed this a few days ago with my Drone Quad Copter after I climbed my truck to the top- hope you like it! If there's any other aerial video of the pines you would like to see let me know as I'm always looking for new spots to explore.
  11. WaretownMike

    Flower after rain

    Perfect time for a safe landing too
  12. WaretownMike

    Pinelands Commissioner replaced

    Replaced by a real estate agent. Hmm. I wonder which way they will vote
  13. WaretownMike

    Waretown Lake Aerial Video from today

    I took this video on perhaps the most windy day possible, but I really wanted to take my new DJI Phantom Vision+ on it's maiden voyage. I'm very excited to take some good HD video and stills of select areas throughout the pine barrens as well- let me know of any areas you would be interested in...
  14. WaretownMike

    Brookbrae bricks with name and symbol

    Was out at Pasadena / Brookbrae Terra cotta area a few days ago and found 2 interesting bricks. One was a pale brown color and marked "METROPOLITAN" and the other red with a single star shape in the center. I'm curious if anyone knows what the Metropolitan brick could have been produced for?
  15. WaretownMike

    Deer Blind off of Jones Rd

    On a recent trail run off of Jones Rd area in Waretown I was shown a "deer blind" just off of a larger road. It was about 4 foot deep and very clean inside. The 8 inch gap aimed directly at an open area which presumably was being baited to attract deer. Pretty neat.
  16. WaretownMike

    Animal traps in trails behind Waretown lake

    Anyone know what all of these traps or cages are for? Perhaps 40 or so, laid out 250ft apart or so. Ran into a baby skunk twice while running out there. Been there for 2 months or so.
  17. WaretownMike

    Union Clay Works Cellar Digging

    Was out there yesterday, nearly drowning in the monsoon that rolled in. Not sure how I managed to get my car out but I will say that I love my Quattro! Found two holes, possibly cellars, and there was evidence of recent digging in both of these holes since there were piles of fairly fresh dirt...
  18. WaretownMike

    Smart Phone App: MotionX GPS

    I've been using this app on my phone instead of carrying a seperate GPS device. I'm pretty happy with it as it offers some really great features for less than a buck. It offers 6 different maps to view - Satellite, Road, Terrain, etc. It also allows easy GPX exports from the device of any...
  19. WaretownMike

    New Found(?) Gun Clubs/Cabins in the Pines

    Yesterday afternoon Lloyd and I set out on a 6+ mile run to find a Gun Club in the middle of the pines that was noted on a very old map. See here for the topo map of where it was "supposed" to be. [Map link removed - BR] Although the GPS coordinates weren't very accurate we found it within...
  20. WaretownMike

    Recent Gun Club Discoveries

    Found some interesting discoveries today- some of which have seen very little human intervention or damage other than mother nature doing her thing. Many more pics here: