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    Figured I'd visit old friends. I pop in oft to look at maps without ever signing on which is selfish. My life has taken so many new directions many of wonder, freedom, and happiness. Some of loss, turmoil, and sadness. With great difficulty I had to separate myself in a sense and start anew...
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    So I sold Out

    Greetings Pine Barren Citizens, I am remiss in participating in this wonderful forum so thanks all for keeping afloat. Without detail the past few years of doings have had me too deflated to even post the places I've gone and things I've seen. Been spending more time up on the Island (LBI) and...
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    Unfortunate Sea Turtle

    Greetings All, I was walking the Boulevard's End Beach which I have been doing every Saturday Eve for quite awhile now. I need it very much as it restores my mind (As best as can be restored) Last night I ran into this poor dude. A good bit larger than the top of a 55 gallon drum. My best...
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    The Fox is gone. Nothing but rubble, and ironically the fireplace... for now...
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    It is so very easy to take things for granted. I had a long drawn out version of this day typed but scrapped it. There is so much help and kindness everywhere that needs it. With the high visiblity areas having a great deal of help, I knew immediately where I needed to be. Beloved Tuckerton...
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    Mehh, Been awhile since I've shared something so I'll go with a familiar trip that never bores me. Saturday was a man trip day. So Sam, Jason, and I, with Bee-Gees C/D (A staple for this drive) went off to a junket to Seven Bridges road to check out the fly population. 542 was nice and we...
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    Some Pie for the Teens

    So hey cool, My 13 year old brings home a slip for me to sign off on. Day trip (Earth science) with his class departing from Hammonton and winding up at.... Apple Pie Hill Tower. I had to sign off on his being allowed to go up. I did so without pause (before I could give mom a chance to think...
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    Mind Clearing

    In an effort to clear the mind and rid myself of a great deal of unrest, I travelled Boulevard both days two weeks ago. It did the trick yet wore off when I came back to the real world. That and the fact that I was eaten quite heartily by greenheads the size of quarters was rough. the intensity...
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    Fred & ginger

    So you can get to this place best by river. It would be very difficult by land. It is fitting really, and best I think. All I could think of staring into this wonder was an image of Fred and Ginger, dancing cheek to cheek, spinning. The words in my head... "And my heart beats so that I can...
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    John deere junket

    This is how we go sledding in Pestletown. Nothing else matters... . . . , John D. model 40 , pushing 70 years of age, still turning fields and entertaining chillun'.
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    A man, a machine

    In which I make, connections. So I've got two friends who now have me interested in matters of the rails. Not too technical mind you and both from different ends of a similar spectrum. My true interests lie in the going's on of The CNJ rails as they passed through my homestead of Elm. I had...
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    Train Kills Mother, Two Children!

    Express kills Elm mother, two children. An Elm mother and two of her five children were killed instantly at 6:10 P.M. Monday when the Blue Comet express train crashed into a light delivery Truck at an unprotected crossing not far from their home. They were Mrs. Antionette Macciocca, 35 of...
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    In which I go out to see the morning, and ramble on as usual. Take a ride through the Pine Barrens in the wee hours of darkness on the way to a favored location. Even in the blackness of night or soft glow of the coming morn', there is much to marvel at. I'm reminded of a boy some 30+...
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    Boat motor

    Anyone know of or selling a smallish boat motor? Just looking for a reliable motor. g
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    A Bridge, A Trestle, Two Rails & Two Tales

    In which I bridge a gap through time If one wants intricate details of the rails and their history in any given region of the pines, there are many publications available. I suggest you try some. This here is just about connections. My hope at the least is that it might spark an interest in...
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    In which I wish you well, every one of you. Someone's gotta kick it off so I'll do it. I'll keep it simple though. Enjoy today. Enjoy your loved ones, the many things you have to be thankful for, be well and be safe. Peace out. g.
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    World water monitoring day

    In which I allow myself to be one of the students, and thank the Pinelands Commission. I try to get involved in my kids activities as much as time permits in school and with my daughter now in middle school new faces, teachers, and topics abound. Field trips can often be fun. I love seeing...
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    Some of you have probably viewed this but for those who haven't I just think it's a really nice piece. Budd's voice amidst the music and background is a treat. g.
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    Seeing Grace

    In which I relax discretion to share with friends. I've sat on this for some time. I really wasn't sure I would put these up so as not to attract undue interest in this place. The pics are not great as mine usually are not but I wanted to share. I will say this first. I have a huge respect...
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    John E. Pearce

    Without going into my day, I was up Barnegat Light today, a town I am so fond of, and in speaking to one of the keepers of the Barnegat Light Museum & Garden, I found a little depressing news. This past year John Pearce retired from service and has moved on, no longer a fixture at the Zion...