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  1. bobpbx

    Rcok 'Em Sock 'Em still lives on in the Pines!

    I'd like the woods to be the woods. I don't like it when people stick little kitschy things in trees and on the ground.
  2. bobpbx

    Forked River Mountain

    This is the easiest way Craig, as you say.
  3. bobpbx

    Forked River Mountain

    I wish they had used native stone.
  4. bobpbx

    Real Estate

    Don't think this is all families extending themselves to buy these homes. Many are investment companies and pension funds.
  5. bobpbx

    Pine Barren History Video

    I will be the last person on earth still calling them the Pine Barrens.
  6. bobpbx

    Campground Operators ‘Beg’ Committee To Not Pass Law That Would Close ‘Loophole’ Permitting Off-Season Stays

    Are there campgrounds that run themselves into the ground by reducing the daily cost for some to a monthly cost that beats the cost of any apartment while also doing away with the dreaded yearly lease and security deposit? The places that do that suddenly become seedy places. Do they exist or not?
  7. bobpbx

    Far Up The Chamberlain

    Glad you found it Guy!
  8. bobpbx

    Hog Nose

    Here's the entire body:
  9. bobpbx

    Hog Nose

    Saw a really nice one yesterday. About 16" long. I had taken off my pack and was kneeling down and there he was, about 3 feet from me.
  10. bobpbx

    Chatsworth Lake

    This is not the first time the lake has been like this. They will fix it.
  11. bobpbx

    Is this an Asian longhorned tick?

    Where did he pick it up? Lonestars are the only ticks in the pines proper. The smaller ones do have a light area towards their rear end. Does yours? You are right, it does look suspiciously like the one you mentioned, which I'm unfamiliar with.
  12. bobpbx


    It happened to me along Cedar Creek about 20 years ago. I was wearing too much clothes and covering my head due to the pine flies. I had to sit down cause I felt faint. I knew I was in trouble. The humidity was outrageous that day. I had a quart of water and poured it on my head. Then I walked...
  13. bobpbx

    Natural Stone Formation?

    I came upon a similar outcropping like that near Barnegat. It was dug out too. maybe when building the parkway.
  14. bobpbx

    Gateway To The Pines Sunset 4/25/21

    Stunning. You must have had trouble uploading?
  15. bobpbx

    Metal Detector recommendation

    In my day (70's) White Electronics was one of the best, I could never afford it. They were taken over by this company.
  16. bobpbx

    Afternoon Explore

    Nice shot of the snake Guy. Made me shiver.
  17. bobpbx

    Show Some Love for the Forgotten 22 Percent

    We all love you Al (manumuskin).
  18. bobpbx

    Show Some Love for the Forgotten 22 Percent

    It's patently obvious too, that he wants paved roads everywhere and to have them crack down on everybody that ever drove on sand roads. Look at what he says in here. It's a litany of his gripes. "but it remains just a large hunk of bareness (as in the Pine Barrens)" "Maps would tell everyone...
  19. bobpbx

    Show Some Love for the Forgotten 22 Percent

    Go away Al. Just go away. Stop trying to make the Pine Barrens a city park.