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  1. Old Crazy

    Deer Fly Repellent Strips. Crazy or Genius?

    I'm thinking about buying enough of these to cover my body, but I'm afraid if I go hiking in a swampy area I'll have so many deer flies attached to me, if I fall down I won't be able to stand back up...
  2. Old Crazy

    New Tickbore "Bourbon Virus" Is Deadly

    The CDC and the University of Kansas Hospital has determined that a Kansas farmer has died from a tick borne virus never before seen in the United States. Since the illness transmitted by the tick was a virus, it did not respond to antibiotic treatment and the infected man died in just 10 days...
  3. Old Crazy

    Flashing headlights to warn other motorists of a speed trap is legal

    I got pulled over for flashing my headlights to warn another driver about a police car hiding behind a sign. The cop that pulled me over was so angry he was literally foaming at the mouth as he screamed and cursed at me. He told me that flashing your headlights is illegal and he could arrest me...
  4. Old Crazy

    Local Police May Be Tracking Your Cell Phone Calls

    I don't have a problem with law enforcement getting a court order to track the movements or phone calls of people who are suspected of criminal acts, but this type of blanket surveillance of everybody is getting out of control. How long before they're watching you in your own home...
  5. Old Crazy

    51% Discount On Garmin Nuvi 3490 LMT- $169.99 Today Only

    I have this unit and I really like it. The screen definition and features are much better than the $100-$150 Nuvi's. Unfortunately I bought mine three months ago and paid $374.50 ($350.00 + $24.50 sales tax) This is a great deal for $169.99 + free shipping. This deal is only good until 11:55pm...
  6. Old Crazy

    Kayak Fishing Menantico Sand Ponds

    Always a nice variety of fish in there. These were some of the more notable ones caught during a few outings there this summer. All were released.
  7. Old Crazy

    Father And Two Sons Die From Hypothermia While Hiking

    Not being prepared for the cold while hiking can kill you. There only real life-threatening danger you face hiking in the pine barrens is hypothermia. When I hike in the winter I take extra clothing with me and I have waterproof matches, a few lighters, and an emergency bivy sack that holds...
  8. Old Crazy

    Chatsworth Lake Boat Access?

    Does anybody know of a location to launch a boat on Chatsworth Lake?
  9. Old Crazy

    Great News If You're A Pine Barrens Hiker

    The Weather Channel is predicting a low of 30 degrees on Friday morning. You know what that means? BUH-BYE CHIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NJ USNJ0085:1:US
  10. Old Crazy

    This News Story Stinks!
  11. Old Crazy

    Fishing Osprey Photo/Video Opportunity

    If anybody would like to get photos or video of Ospreys swooping down to catch fish, you can do that right now at Tuckahoe Lake. Every time I have fished at Tuckahoe Lake during the past two weeks I have witnessed Ospreys hovering over the water and swooping down to grab a fish. Sometimes they...
  12. Old Crazy

    Bass Boat In A Bag?

    Now this looks pretty cool. A 9' inflatable bass boat that packs in a 24" bag, weighs 42 lbs, is durable, can handle a gas or electric motor with up to 85lbs of thrust and sets up in four minutes. You could keep this boat, an electric motor and a 12v battery in your car at all times and head out...
  13. Old Crazy

    Anybody Fly Fish?

    I have wanted to learn how to fly fish for a few years now. Any fly fishermen out there who have any tips on gear, techniques, fly tying and how to get started? I'm thinking about taking this guy's one day beginner course:
  14. Old Crazy

    I Have An Idea For An Inventor

    I have had Lyme disease. It was awful and I fear ticks more than gunfire in my direction. Deet is pretty much worthless to repel ticks. Permethrin works pretty well, but it's not 100% effective and the odor of it coming off my clothes sometimes gives me a headache. This got me to thinking...
  15. Old Crazy

    Apple Pie Hill Has Been Closed To The Public

    As I approached Apple Pie Hill this afternoon from the south on the Batona Trail, I encountered three signs from the NJ Div of Parks nailed to trees that said no littering, no dumping, or motorized vehicles are allowed on Apple Pie Hill. The when I reached the north side of Apple Pie Hill I...