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  1. grendel

    Mullica float

    I was wondering if anyone has floated the Mullica from Jackson road recently? Is it real tight? Are there a lot of dead falls and blow downs? I was thinking of an overnight trip as soon as it warms up a little, Jackson road to the takeout down by Batsto. I have never paddled the stretch from...
  2. grendel

    Eta Aquarid meteor shower

    should be a nice show this weekend with no moon in the sky.
  3. grendel

    northern lights

    Possible mid latitude auroras tonight and tomorrow night.
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  6. grendel

    last day of winter first day of spring

    Some pics from my hike last thursday and friday. Found someones camp in the woods. I also woke up to snow. I will post more pics later. This is the remains of an old shelter we used to camp in when we were kids, not much left after 25 years. It was old when we found it. This is the...
  7. grendel

    april 4-5

    I will be in NJ 4/4-4/5. Anybody up for a hike followed by a trip to the Pic?
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    Anyone notice this?
  9. grendel

    olympus waterproof

    Well it really is waterproof
  10. grendel

    AT hike

    Hiked the At From VA 56 to spy rock. Climed the priest the first day in very heavy rain. 4.8 miles and about 3000 feet of elevation. My hiking partner Henry at the trail head. . Up in the rain. more rain near the top They tell me this is one hell of a view. Priest...
  11. grendel

    camera opinions

    Anything better out there in the $250-$300 price range? I want something I can take outdoors with me alot and I tend to be a bit of a klutz when it comes to...
  12. grendel


    Took my son and nephew on a camp out last saturday. We parked at Atsion and hiked back to a spot not far from lower forge. The weather was perfect, sunny, cool ,and no bugs at all. I was really suprised at how dry it was. We spent some time out by Mannis duck pond and it was almost dry. I have...
  13. grendel

    water proof camera

    I have been looking at cameras, there is so much to choose from and it is hard to know where to start. I do a lot of paddling and would realy like something waterproof. I also would like something with a lot of optical zoom, it seems that these features dont go together well. Any advice would be...
  14. grendel


    I will be in Jersey for new years 12/29-1/1. If anyone is up for some hiking followed by a trip to the pic let me know. Sunday would be the day I had in mind. If the weather isn't to bad I was considering a campout for saturday night. Keith
  15. grendel


    I was reading brusets story about his first time in the pines and the fear of getting stuck. It got me thinking of unexpected hikes and sleepouts due to spinning tires.spinning tires have a special sound in the deep dark of a pine barrens night, I can hear them so clear as I think of my many...
  16. grendel

    wharton ride

    Took a cruise with my brother and our sons today. We got a late start and headed up hampton road at about 2:30.I have not been to the pines this time of year in awhile and was a little suprised at how open the woods were. It was also very dry, my brother said that it rained a good bit last...
  17. grendel


    I was wondering how the ticks are this year. I have been doing a lot of camping and fishing with the kids down here in VA. and have not seen a tick yet.
  18. grendel

    warm weather

    took my son and father for a walk out by Hamptons furnace sunday. Hard to believe that it is January. I caught a 3 foot black snake, my son is six and it really impressed him. I have never seen a snake in january.
  19. grendel

    The ledge

    Does anyone have information about "the ledge "in New Brunswick?
  20. grendel

    wind power

    does anyone have information about new developments in wind power?