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  1. PancoastDrifter

    Elk vs. Photographer - Smokey Mountains

    This could have played out much worse.
  2. PancoastDrifter

    Gliding over Stafford Forge, ID help please

    Large head shape and white color. :rolleyes:
  3. PancoastDrifter

    Surviving alone in Alaska: Vice Magazine (Video)

    A 52 minute documentary where a film crew visits an older couple, Heimo and Edna Korth, who live in the Brooks Range of Alaska. They fish, trap, hunt and skin a bear. I enjoyed it. Surviving Alone in Alaska
  4. PancoastDrifter

    Stuffed in a vacuum and bombarded by electrons, a tick waves hello

    "The animals lived. All of them waved their legs. That’s a clear sign of life..."
  5. PancoastDrifter

    Just When You Thought It Was Over

    My latest time lapse and video project. Mostly shot on LBI, Stafford Forge and the east plains. It is a little disjointed and has some framing issues, but you get the idea. Enjoy. Just When You Thought It Was Over
  6. PancoastDrifter

    Capewell Glass Negative Collection

    I have been watching some posts on this collection of photographs of historic New Jersey. Some priceless photos there. I am not sure of the story behind them, but they have been processing and releasing some of them on a regular basis. Enjoy. Capewell Glass Negative Collection
  7. PancoastDrifter

    Chopping down a tree?

    I can't assume to think why somebody would try this. I found this in one of the main areas of Stafford Forge. Somebody hacked away and then burned this fairly old and good sized tree. The area near here is just strewn with recent trash and television boxes. :-(
  8. PancoastDrifter


    I have been spending more time on the beach than in the pines lately but I did do this project I thought you guys would enjoy. It got featured on this photographers blog so I will just repost the description from there. "I was sitting on my back deck eating dinner and watching the fireflies...
  9. PancoastDrifter

    Plant (something) ID

    Can anyone tell me what this is? I have never seen it before. I found two on my property attached to pine trees. They look freaky. I specifically want to know if I should be getting rid of them. Follow link.
  10. PancoastDrifter

    Golden Club

    Is there any use (eating) or ability to replant golden club just from the club? I had been watching it flower (clubbing?) over the past week and was planning on photographing it. Somebody came and pruned/cut all the Golden Club at the beach in Stafford Forge. Bummer.
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    Autumn Color

    Redonkulous colors. This was in Forsythe Preserve.
  12. PancoastDrifter

    Rare find: Bubble-eyed Leaf Fish

    Just trying to lighten up the mood around here. Peace and good will to all my Pine Barren friends. :)
  13. PancoastDrifter

    The New Jersey state bird: American Goldfinch

    I photographed this from my car this morning in Tuckerton. American Goldfinch
  14. PancoastDrifter

    Owl Cam - Owlets Growing Up

    I think this is in California. They are pretty big...
  15. PancoastDrifter

    Manahawkin - Anyone know the derivation for this name?

    Manahawkin - Anyone know the derivation for this name? I did a cursory internet search and found nothing. Is it a bastardized indian word? Anyone know?
  16. PancoastDrifter

    Snake Question

    I saw some snakes yesterday. Below is pictured a Pine Snake. Later in the day I thought I saw another Pine Snake slither into a thicket, but then I heard a very distinct rattle. I was in shorts and barefoot and got kinda spooked. Is there another snake that has a rattle besides the Eastern...
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    Ghosts in the Hollow

    Somebody sent this to me. It is images of the forgotten towns of Appalachia. It reminded me of the forgotten towns of New Jersey. It is a nice video.
  18. PancoastDrifter

    In The Pines - Video

    Well I never thought the video capability of a DSLR would be worth much, but I have been impressed with the HD quality and really enjoy some of the results. Compared to a camcorder they are a manual nightmare but you get lens options you would not get otherwise. This is a compilation of...
  19. PancoastDrifter

    Turtle Spotting

    Our reptilian friends are waking up. Check out the size of the first one! If it weren't for my dogs, I would have gotten a closer shot before it slipped away.