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  1. infinite sameness

    Beer (again)

    :( Bob, I miss playing guess the beer!! :guinness: You must get out there and do some new beer hunting so we can continue the game! I.S.
  2. infinite sameness

    Short Course

    Blurb about forum The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Environmental Forum (Posted: 3-19-10) The Ninth Annual Environmental Education Forum, sponsored by Water Watch Energy Corps, will be held at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey on Saturday, April 10, 2010. This...
  3. infinite sameness

    Short Course

    Not too late for Stockton College Environmental Forum and its FREE I was involved with the Enviromental Forum for a few years while I was attending Stockton. This year the forum is Saturday April 10. Last year it was $5.00 I think it is free this year and it includes lunch. :muffin: I...
  4. infinite sameness

    Wing thing re-cap....(keeping it civil)

    Outing....... With work the next morning we dicided to stay in Sweetwater that night and save our energy for a canoe ride the next day. When I got off work Tuesday we loaded Zoe in the canoe and went to our favorite spot near the Forks. As the sun set it was turning into a beautiful night...
  5. infinite sameness

    Concern over dead cowbirds

    One fish two fish DEAD FISH........ Gabe and I were reading an article in yesterdays paper that mentioned the mass fish kill in Smithville Lake. What caused the death of nearly 200 fish was lack of oxygen. Oxygen depleation is on the rise is natural waterways due to the mass use of...
  6. infinite sameness

    What exinct animals do yall think we could reintroduce to the

    Introducing Largo (I mean Large) Animals in NJ :bear: Re-introducing any large animal to any area in New Jersey is not smart. The pine barrens are fragmented and in no way could support any population of a large animal such as moose. As much as I would like to spot a moose in the wild, it...
  7. infinite sameness

    Beer (again)

    Bob, could that be McChouffe??
  8. infinite sameness

    Beer (again)

    BobPBX, was that leinenkugel's classic amber by any chance?
  9. infinite sameness

    Beer (again)

    My guess is Pete's Stawberry Blonde.... ? :guinness:
  10. infinite sameness


    mmmmm bear Mike got a bear once :bear: and we had bear meatloaf :ham: it was delicious the only annoying thing was the BB buck shots you had to spit out once and a while.
  11. infinite sameness

    Endless Summer Jam Music Festival - Paradise Lake Campground - July 25 -> July 27

    totally going next year me and gabe (pinelands paddler) had a great time, hope to see you next year
  12. infinite sameness

    Thunder in the Pines

    tree infection Those round things are called "Galls," when the tree has an infection the bark grows around it preventing the infection from spreading. :eng101:
  13. infinite sameness

    Ancient Anchor

    hmmmm Is it possible that they were used in a cannon and blasted out in a battle if they ran out of cannon balls? Could the peices have been weapons of some sort?
  14. infinite sameness

    Enemy of turtles

    What makes you believe the little fellow to be emaciated?
  15. infinite sameness

    Ancient Anchor

    Super cool, I, as well, am having a hard time imagining these pieces being one anchor. The pieces on the left look like parts of a borken propellor, interesting, never the less I am now more than ever excited to dive with you!!
  16. infinite sameness

    barren nights

    My dog went through lymes once and after the antibiotic he was back to normal in no time!!!!!!! Bennie will be just fine!
  17. infinite sameness


    I just love those turtles, hope moving the little guy (or gal) helped on her journey. Me and Gabe recently spotted a nesting snapper in catus island, she was big and didn't seem to mind us observing her.
  18. infinite sameness

    My that's a large spider

    Woah That was in your house ???? neato i love spiders since they eat insects that bug me. I have only seen a spider that big in jersey once in Double Trouble State Park, 2 years ago on a railing near the bogs, boy it was big and intimidating.
  19. infinite sameness

    Mountain Laurel

    I was walking the trails in catus island today wondering where all the mountain laurel is. I was in double trouble state park the other day and there is tons of mountain laurel, to the best of my knowledge these two parks were connected at some point in time before all the roads and residentail...
  20. infinite sameness


    interesting I saw an incredible rainbow in utah and it was a double with the most vibrant colors i have ever seen in a rainbow truly amazing nice shot!