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  1. infinite sameness

    Mountain Laurel

    I was walking the trails in catus island today wondering where all the mountain laurel is. I was in double trouble state park the other day and there is tons of mountain laurel, to the best of my knowledge these two parks were connected at some point in time before all the roads and residentail...
  2. infinite sameness

    looking to rent in south jersey

    I'm looking to rent a small house, condo, or apartment starting sept. 1st 2008near stockton college I currently live on campus and I'm looking to move off campus somewhere quiet to study :science: anyone have any suggestions or looking to rent property?? post reply or message me :rofl:
  3. infinite sameness

    Envrionmental Forum Stockton College

    Hi, my name is yvonne (infinite sameness), and I'm a student at Stockton College. I am working with Water Watch, Student Action Volunteers for the Environment, and Stockton's Surf Club to coordinate this year's Environmental Education Forum - "The Road to Change." The focus of this conference is...
  4. infinite sameness

    Snow Hike

    :mrgreen: Yesterday was probably one of the most amazing days of my life. We hiked for about 4 hours through batsto and it was just breathtaking. The snow was falling and the air was crisp the landscape was truly magical. Days like yesterday do not happen often, i so enjoyed it a well...
  5. infinite sameness


    I just recently rememberd the name of this plant that grows all over the pines, am i correct in thinking this plant when smoked is an expectorant and is amazingly enough good for you to smoke it or smolder it like insence in a room and breathe it in?
  6. infinite sameness

    GMC p/u 97

    GMC p/u 94 sierra 1500 extended bed 4x4 reverse is shot otherwise in good condition asking $1000 or Best Offer :)