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    At a Different Perspective

    Here's a few photos I have taken over the years looking at the Pines at a different perspective. This is what makes the Pines so unique. I'm stuck. He later thanked me.
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    New Insect Repellent in the Future
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    Blue Mushroom

    I found this blue colored mushroom in a cedar swamp in Penn State Forest. I've seen many different mushrooms in the Pines, this is the first blue one. Checking my field guide on Mushrooms of Northeast North America I can't get a firm ID. I should have taken a pic of the underside, but...
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    Isolating in the Pines

    I went down to the Pines last Wednesday. Passing the North and South Gate of FPP, the lots were full. Where I went, four different places, I didn't see a sole or vehicle. That's nothing different then any other time I go. Being retired, I only go on weekdays. Wanna get away...…. Here's a...
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    Today is 02/02/2020 -- the first global palindrome day in 909 years. At just after 2am it was 02:02:20 on 02/02/2020. The next will come in 101 years on 12/12/2121 and after that not until 03/03/3030. At least there was one in our lifetime.
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    What are these Tools

    Yesterday, while out roaming the burn area west of Stevenson Rd, I came upon the ruins of an old campsite. Among the debris, there was an old kerosene lantern, and these tools shown in the photo below. Does anyone have an idea the real purpose for these tools? Ron
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    Hiking in some other Pines

    Recently, my wife and I spent a good part of a week in Taos, New Mexico. We were home for just one week and then spent another week in Georgia visiting my youngest Son and Family. While in NM, I hiked one of the more popular trails in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains located in the most southern...
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    Hot Summer Days in the Pines (Photos)

    Here's some photos from my outings in the hot Pines this past month. Lycopodiella caroliniana (Carolina Club moss) On State Endangered List as S3. Thanks Bob, for the ID Utricularia purpurea (Purple Bladderworts) I liked the pattern Cedar Waxwing (first time sighting) Schizaea pursilla...
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    The Cedars at Sykes

    The Cedars at Sykes. The title sounds like an age-restricted community, but no, it's cedar swamps along the Sykes Branch deep in the heart of the NJ Pine Barrens. With majestic tall straight Atlantic White Cedars, hummocks, water everywhere, sphagnum moss abound, squishy ground, and at this...
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    "Oak Bottom" after the Fire

    Today, I retraced my steps from the day I did the "Oak Bottom" Post back in February. This time it was much warmer; and after the major forest fire that took placed a couple weeks ago. This area suffered a direct hit. The most intriguing observation between the two visits was the valley that...
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    Be Careful Out There

    I was in the Pines yesterday where I did some minimal bushwhacking without the use of Permethrin protection. Being March, I never gave any thought about using it. Well, I found a tick on me when I got home. It didn't take me too long in getting one of those babies. I'm going to the store...
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    Moon over Philly

    Photos from Cuthbert Road Bridge at Cooper River, Camden County Park, just off RT 70 this morning. Standing there with all the high tech photographers and me with my 40X pocket camera.
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    Scrubby Pine Trees

    Yesterday, I drove out to Warren Grove to roam the Pygmy Pine Plains on the west side of RT 539. I first stopped at an area called the Little Plains just north of Beaver Dam Road, and then traveled south to Bombing Range Road to an area called the East Plains. These are two areas among others...
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    Follow the Green Needle Road

    There's been a brief discussion on the Pygmy Pine Plains on another post. I thought a new post would be best showing a few photos of an aftermath of a fire as the Pine Plains are dependent on fire for its survival. It appears the seeds from serotinous cones were able to germinate better in the...
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    In Search of the "Oak Bottom"

    Back in the early 1900's, botanist, John William Harshberger described an area in the east lobe of the West Plains as an "oak bottom". An area of a depression with an oak forest in the valley of the Sykes Branch. Today, I had the incentive to find this location since my Grandfather knew Prof...
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    Shreve Branch - An Attempt to Revisit

    Well; my outing in the Pines today didn't go as planned. It hasn't been the first time. My objective was to explore a portion of the Shreve Branch where I had discovered remnants of several old corduroy roads and bridge foundations on my last visit back in April of 2011. First I had to...
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    A Squooshy Day in the Pines

    Recently, I hiked to a remote area of the Pine Barrens into coyote territory (heard them), to explore some open sphagnum swamps along a stream I've been there several times before Not having a 4-wheeled vehicle, it's about a two mile hike, with three water crossing (not caused by recent rains)...
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    Cold Brook on a Cold Day

    Yesterday, I set out to hike along a stream to its headwaters, where the waters are crystal clear before iron and tannic acids start to build up. It was tough going in the lower half due to the heavy thicket and the extremely saturated swamps caused by recent heavy rains. Further up where the...
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    Down a Wet Road

    On Monday, I spent a couple hours on a very flooded road within the Wharton section of the Pines. Having been on this road before, I knew what to expect, especially with all the hard rains we been having. It was somewhat challenging, but manageable, slushing through 2 to 8 inches of water...
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    Searching on the West Side

    I have been roaming the Pines for the past ten years. Even though I've traveled to the deepest parts, I've done very little exploring on the west side of RT 206, south of Atsion Lake. For the past month, I spent much time there searching out numerous spungs and areas showing remnants of past...