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    Hollow Field Cemetery

    Hotmail accounts still work. Mines over 20 years old and working fine.
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    Higher zoom levels now available

    Nice work!
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    WMAs closing areas

    It’s viewable from my IPad using Safari and Chrome.
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    Many of the roads are worse today than 40 years ago. There are some roads that I used to travel in a 2 wheel vehicle that are now inaccessible to even most 4x4s. Some of these roads have been so destroyed by many vehicle caused dips, that they are impossible to drive on or often flooded. Today...
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    Real Estate

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    Pine Barren History Video

    Al, I will hit the 70 mark later this year! But that does profit me with 50 years of pine barrens enjoyment!
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    Campground Operators ‘Beg’ Committee To Not Pass Law That Would Close ‘Loophole’ Permitting Off-Season Stays

    I don’t think this is fair to the owners. There’s a big difference between providing housing to workers and charging a fee to renters for the same living space.
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    Pine Barren History Video

    Only if I die before you :smug:
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    Some N.J. state parks, forests can reopen for camping June 22, officials say

    From the “Camping Reservation” site. State Park Service Overnight Facilities Update Effective Monday, March 22, primitive campsites, group campsites and additional tent/trailer campsites will be made available for reservations for the period starting April 1 through December 15. In addition...
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    I don’t know what the resolution details are, but I’ve been using the “My Radar” app on an IPhone and it works very well. It does look better than what’s offered on Accuweather and the NWS.
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    Lake Hopatcong

    I do remember the amusement park, a lot of games of chance as I recall.
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    Lake Hopatcong

    I lived across the street from the lake until I was 7 years old, and moved from there in 1958. The area was a lot more remote with almost no development back then (only 8 houses scattered about on my side of the lake!). I visited there 10 years ago and was shocked/disappointed how it has been so...
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    Where is this?

    The little island reminds me of the back end of Harrisville pond
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    And so it goes, and goes

    I looked at Leisure Town before settling in HVE, and every home I looked at in LT had the electric heat, don’t know if that’s true for all. And your right, it’s nice not having to worry about snow removal, leaf removal and lawn cutting. I’m also not worried about the property when I’m away for...
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    And so it goes, and goes

    Consider Holiday Village or Holiday Village East (my current home) in Mount Laurel. Probably costs more than Leisuretown but nicer homes and NOT electric heat. I used to swear I’d never move to a 55+ community, but after having done so, I would do it again in a heartbeat; quiet, very easy...
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    Vaccine availability

    Listing of available vaccine sites
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    Animated GIFs in your posts!

    BTW, I’m using an IPad on IOS 14 running Safari and I did not get the drop down listed in your instructions. I went to GIPHY and did a copy and paste.
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    Toyota 4runner

    You don’t trust the trees you’d have to tie off to?
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    NWS 3am forecast for Burlington County, etc. ...WINTER STORM WATCH REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM WEDNESDAY MORNING THROUGH THURSDAY MORNING... * WHAT...Heavy snow possible. Total snow accumulations in excess of 5 inches are possible. Winds could gust as high as 30 mph. * WHERE...Portions of...
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    Off-road Article

    Yes, he said the problems were worsened by Trump supporters. I wonder how he got this information, did he stop and take polls of the people causing the violations?