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    Wharton State Forest

    I finally made it to Wharton State Forest. Gateway to the pine barrens. At least for me. Pleasant Mills Church near Batsto. Another view of the church. I did not walk on that bridge. Too risky. I did not see those Bald Cypress Trees but I did like these trees. Plenty of hiking...
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    Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

    I am on the NJ Transit train to this interesting park. Located near Morristown New Jersey. I will get off at the Stirling New Jersey station stop. Photos later and I will see how many miles I walk today. Temperatures are comfortable right now.
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    Great Falls in Paterson

    I went to the Falls in Paterson on January of 2020. Been years since I have last visited the site. Very nice to look at any time of the year. Not too cold that early afternoon last year. Three miles away a nice pond near North Haledon. And nearby a model railroad club open for...
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    Flemington train

    I have visited the Black River and Western Railroad. Been there many times in the past three decades. Scenic ride between Flemington and Ringoes. Decades ago they also ran to Lambertville. They are restoring the track for that section. I also did some nice walks in the area. A few of my photos...
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    Lake Hopatcong

    Another favorite place to visit for me is Lake Hopatcong. Short distance from the NJ Transit train station. My photos from 2016. I remember visiting here as a kid on summer camp trips from NYC in the 1970s. Still looks the same in 2016. I remember there was an amusement park just north...
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    Allaire Park in Howell New Jersey

    Hello my name is Richard and I joined today. I enjoy your forum and wish to contribute worthwhile info. I start with Allaire Park near Farmingdale and Howell. I use mass transit so the walk from Spring Lake to Allaire is five miles each way. My photo from 1998 shows southbound NJ Transit...