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    Sierra Club Opposes Colliers Mills Land Swap
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    RV Dump Stations (State Parks or WMA)

    Is anyone aware of any local RV dump stations that are open this time of year? I know that Atsion Campground does or did, but they're not open until April. I know that the KOA in Clarksboro has one, but they charge $20-$25 to dump. Thanks in advance......
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    Change of Seasons

    What a morning. Now these are what I call acceptable temperatures,
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    Fitness Trackers

    Anyone here use wrist watch type fitness trackers? My wife wanted to try one, so I purchased one of those cheapie ones at a third of the price of a Fit Bit, etc. Just curious as to what you're using and how you like it.
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    400 Trees Destroyed

    I don't recall seeing anything about this being posted.
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    Excessive Heat

    Not looking good for the next several days, especially for someone like me, who hates the heat and humidity.
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    Gas Pipeline Update
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    Identify This Road

    Eastbound AC Expressway, 33ish mile marker, dirt route on right, parrallel to Expressway. What's the name of the road and how is it accessed? Thanks.
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    Pinelands Soccer Complex
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    Eating Squirrel

    I don't recall if I've posted this here some years ago or not, so I'm going it a shot. Does anyone here or has anyone here caught and eaten squirrel from this area? If so, was there anything soecspe in the preparation? Anything to be aware of? Thoughts on taste and texture? Thanks.
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    Pine Barrens Festival

    ...starts Monday night.
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    New Tic in NJ

    Oh, great...
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    Coast to Coast AM

    Anyone here ever follow or listen to this? The founder has passed.
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    Food at State Parks

    I have mixed feelings on this.
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    Illegal Dumpers in DE Caught

    I'd love to read more of these stories concerning our parks, forests and WMA's in NJ.
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    NJ State Park/Forest Hiring
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    Fire in Pines?

    From the WSF FB page. Anyone know what's going on? JUST AN FYI - Route 206 travellers will find traffic backups at Atsion Lake in Wharton State Forest. A local multi-alarm fire has required fire department tankers to utilize the Atsion Lake spillway area for refilling. State Park Police are...
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    NJ Forests Notification System

    A new alerting system.
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    Health Insurance Rates

    Just got my letter from AmeriHealth-NJ informing me that my current plan that cost me $590 per month will now cost $749, with a higher deductable and maximum out of pocket limit. My rates have always increased each year, but never like this. So depressing and frustrating.
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    Citizens United Launches New Website

    I just saw this on one of my local news sites and thought it might be worth sharing here. If you disagree, feel free to remove it...