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  1. kayak karl

    Batona Trail Re-route

    i hiked the new re-route Saturday morn. they did a great job on it :) No road walk anymore and plenty of water. the trail has paths, swamp, bridges, dirt roads and a few water hazards thrown in. it is 7.2 miles between rt. 532 and rt.72. took me about 2+ hours. it is definitely a section to get...
  2. kayak karl

    5th Annual Winter Hang @ Batona Camp

    5th Annual New Jersey Winter Hang. Where: Batona camp site. When: January 27th - January 29th 2011 we had a great time hammocking last year. again we will be hiking to Apple Pie Mountain. We call it a mountain to get the out of staters to bring their climbing gear. :) ALL ARE WELCOME even if...
  3. kayak karl

    Building a Dam

    at a job the rain this year washed out the over flow of the pond. he wants to bring it up 8" to where it was. there are 100's of koi in it and hes worried the lower level may kill them when it freezes. Any ideas since many of you know a lot about cranberry bogs. (i do not need a gate)...
  4. kayak karl

    Batona Trail Hike

    I'm hiking the Batona trail 11/25-27. ALL are welcome. im lazy. didn't want to re-type all. TY KK&K
  5. kayak karl


    Think the chiggers are gone. going to do Batons again Thanksgiving weekend. want to test some gear next week.
  6. kayak karl

    Batona Trail

    nice they put this online
  7. kayak karl

    Future Piney

    Jaxon Rothenbach 5lb 7oz 5:45 AM 4/21/11 and one very, very happy Grandpop. KK
  8. kayak karl

    Hiked the Batona with Kaia :)

    i hiked the trail 3/25- 3/27. Kaia hiked with me (my dog) and we had a great time. 56 miles hiked in 3 days. weather could of not been better. 25 at night and 45 in the day. camps were crowded, but didn't see people on trail till Sunday after 10 am. i GPS'ed the trail in three parts. Bass River...
  9. kayak karl

    Pine Barrens Enthusiast Is the Genuine Article

    Daily News Tuesday, November 21, 1978 this article was posted about my DAD years ago. my son found it in his stuff. thought it would be fun to post. my Dad is 83 now and lives in Valley Forge. might be easier to read on webshots...
  10. kayak karl

    Eagle Tavern

    Where was i when i took this pic. i want to hike back past, but not sure which road. i know it is near the Eagle Cemetery. TY KK
  11. kayak karl

    4th Annual New Jersey Winter Hang. 01-28-2011 to 01-30-2011

    4th Annual New Jersey Winter Hang. Where: Batona camp site. When: January 28th - January 30th 2011 we had a great time hammocking last year. this year i will be hiking to Apple Pie Mountain. We call it a mountain to get the out of staters to bring their climbing gear. :) even if you don't want...
  12. kayak karl

    Jersey Desserts

    Ann and I are going to some hammock hangs (like the one at Batona this January) in MD, Ga and NC. i volunteered for the desserts (don't tell Ann). we are car camping so i will have a cooler. i want to put a Jersey flare on the dishes. Any suggestion on cakes, cookies, pies???? i am doing a...
  13. kayak karl

    Weekend Camping

    im camping at Batona Camp on Sat nite (7pm on) and Lower forge on Sunday nite. anyone wants to hang out or drop by, feel free. im hiking out of Batsto, but you can car camp at Batona. Either way, Yous all have a GREAT weekend and ENJOY :) Take care, KK
  14. kayak karl

    old tractor

    old tractor for free. just passing it on didnt know if there were any collectors on here. TY KK
  15. kayak karl

    Snapper Soup

    my Dad was talking about snapper soup last night. i thought i'd take up a pint. he lives in Pa now. where can i get some homemade Snapper soup. my Dad is still a little upset i told my sister it was made from turtles. she thought it was made from those little turtles from Woolworth's :) he had...
  16. kayak karl

    Slackpack the batona

    i'm planning a slackpacking trip of the Batona Trail first weekend of May. "Slackpacking" is when a shuttle vehicle takes your gear ahead to camp and you carry a daypack with raingear and lunch. this may give a few that don't have lightweight gear to complete the Batona in one trip. leaving...
  17. kayak karl


    Izzie's eatery was feature on 10 news at 5AM this morn. looked like a nice place i could take my Dad for a change when in town. he normally goes to Braddock's. has anyone been there??
  18. kayak karl

    Old foot bridge at Batona Camp

    There appears to be remains of an old foot bridge behind Batona Camp. I couldn't see a traill beyond this point. was this just for hunters or was it a shortcut at one time for other reasons. i plan to hike around to other side in a few weeks, but if anyone has any insight, it would be...
  19. kayak karl

    Mark Your Calender

    the nites of january 29 and 30th we will be having a hammock hang at Batona Camp. All are welcome. tents or car camping is great. Stop by. say HI. we will be hiking to Apple Pie Mountian at 10 AM Saturday. YES, i said mountian. we got out of towner's bringing climbing gear. Shhhhh don't ruin the...
  20. kayak karl

    A Short Trip

    had an hour at lunch to go to atsion to walk and test my Oregon 300 and Boyd's map. the map is great. some pic's and a screen shot:) Take care, KK