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  1. Jason Bladzinski


    Anybody know of any good stealth camping spots near whitesbog in Brendan Byrne?
  2. Jason Bladzinski

    Natural Gas Pipeline

    Hi everyone, I'm really pissed off that Christie stacked the commission to get a positive vote on that natural gas pipeline. I think that his history of retribution against those who oppose him is rather juvinile. I hope campaigning against the project isn't a lost cause. I fear for the...
  3. Jason Bladzinski

    winter hammock hang

    When is that big hammock camper get together in Wharton happening?
  4. Jason Bladzinski


    Anyone come accross a hungry stray white and Grey cat haunting the batona campsite?
  5. Jason Bladzinski

    Naked man hiking.

    OK, so I have been hiking on the Batona trail the past couple of days and yesterday I was setting up my hammock at the batona camp when I heard one of the pit privies doors open and I looked up to see a totally stark naked man walk out the door and turn to hike the trail toward apple pie hill...
  6. Jason Bladzinski


    Can anyone give me the address of the Northern trailhead for the Batona trail please?
  7. Jason Bladzinski

    Hammonton Lakes Campground

    What happened to this place? Anybody been there?
  8. Jason Bladzinski

    anyone up for camping?

    Hi everyone, I'll be camping in Wharton for the week after mothers day, probably mostly on the lower forge and the mullica. I'd love some company out in the pines! Message me if you are passing through the area.