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    Martial law implementation?
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    State finds gold in them there pines..... SYNOPSIS Establishes program authorizing lease of historic buildings and structures in State parks, forests, and wildlife management areas. .
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    WTB small lots

    I am seeking to purchase primative lots buildable or non buildable in Ocean or Burlington county 1.5 acres or less landlocked OK. Prefer areas not surounded by housing and may be part of WMA/preservation locale. Thanks, Contact me privately.
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    NJ Ammo ban
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    New airport north of warren grove? Lentine South (6NJ0) Barnegat Township, New Jersey, United States (8005) Runways Lat/Long: 39.78706333 / -74.37736862 39° 47' 13.43" (N) / 74° 22' 38.53" (W) (estimated) ICAO / IATA: 6NJ0 FAA: Zip code: 8005 Elevation: 150' Controlled: No Runways...
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    Amendment to and Establishment of Restricted Areas; Warren Grove, NJ
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    NJ Major wildfire history map
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    Warren Grove range vegetation management Map
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    PineBarrens 500 Anyone ever observe or participate in this or similar events? Observe any negative impacts on the environment?
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    Any interest in iPad -iPhone app for pine barrens?

    Anyone interested let's talk!
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    Buying up the pines
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    Big brother in warren grove
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    Help -- I'm stuck ! $$$$

    I was trying to get into my property with my non 4 wheel van and got stuck halfway into it. It is somewhat muddy where I am and Ground was real soft and soggy. Anyway if someone has an old 4 wheel drive and would like to make some money pulling me out either tonight or tomorrow my cell # is...
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    WARNING East Plains

    If you walk or drive the East Plains you need to be very careful as there are persons who are using the area to shoot wildly at whatever they can find. It seems they are using a large caliber handgun, and 22's and BB's. While the BB's may be less of a threat. Certainly the 22's and larger are...
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    Northern Tree Frog

    Northern Tree Frog in the East Plains
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    East Plains Clouds

    East Plains Clouds B&W
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    On the edge of the East Plains

    The Pines never cease to release their beauty.
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    East Plains Clearing

    A shot of the Airsoft Gun battle clearing in the East Plains. Approx. 2-3 acres have been cleared.
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    East Plains Sundown

    End of another day in the plains.
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    Pentagon Accused of Starting Warren Grove Fire

    Pentagon Accused of Starting Forest Fire TRENTON, N.J. (CN) - The United States government started a 15,500 acre forest fire through an ill-advised "show of force" exercise in which jets dropped flares on a day of high fire danger, says Phoenix Pinelands Corp., which says it lost 460...