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  1. Jon Holcombe

    A most beautiful stream

    Shortly after reading Guy's post about the bear sighting on Bozarthtown Rd I was hiking down a dark trail at 4:30 in the morning. Bordered by blueberry bushes and Atlantic White Cedar it was a 3/4 mile hike to my new favorite spot, the creek of turtles. Plus a shot from a bit further north at...
  2. Jon Holcombe

    River, Creek, and Bogs

    Shots from end of March to the present.
  3. Jon Holcombe

    Snow Moon and snow days

  4. Jon Holcombe

    Winter photos so far

    I missed a shot of an otter that swam right up to me. I saw the ice moving and he popped up 50 feet away, and came within 15 feet. I was so surprised that by the time I grabbed my camera he was gone.
  5. Jon Holcombe

    Forest hunters etiquette question

    In a fairly remote area that I have been repeatedly traveling to, I noticed a hunter had set up an automatic deer feeder that sprayed corn, and two deer stands in trees. Sometime in October, I was driving down a "main" a road to the narrow sand road that twisted and turned up to the deer...
  6. Jon Holcombe

    Happy Halloween from Leeds Point...

    Went out again, early morning. I thought I heard something moving... downstream... probably just wind rustling the cedar.
  7. Jon Holcombe

    Autumn so far...

    About three weeks ago my son and I were in a fairly remote savannah deep in Wharton, about an hour before sunrise. We heard a barking, followed by a howl, followed by the entire pack howling. After a 5 seconds or so, about 1/2 mile away upstream, a second pack answered. The first pack went...
  8. Jon Holcombe

    The forest in September

    The past three weeks of exploring.
  9. Jon Holcombe

    Starting to see fall color

    Photos from the last few weeks at various locations. Color really starting to show early.
  10. Jon Holcombe

    Stealth camping and caterpillars

    4:50 on Sunday morning I walked to the end of a peninsula, an old dike that has been breached by water. The other half of the dike was directly across from me. Standing in the water, I heard a noise, then saw a headlamp emerging from the darkness. I yelled "Hey, are you hunting?" He answered...
  11. Jon Holcombe

    Three routine shots combined

    I shot two vultures in a tree at midday near the Gun Branch. Nice, but they weren't that scary. The moon is from a shot earlier this year on the Mullica.
  12. Jon Holcombe

    Snake and sundew

    I now think this is a Northern Water Snake (thanks Mike Kaliss), but I'm sure Al or someone can give a positive id on this 2 or 3 foot beauty. Pointy tail and prominent scales, very dark but almost a bit reddish. If it had wings it would resemble the dragon in Game Of Thrones.
  13. Jon Holcombe

    Summer starts

    The past few weeks at various rivers and bogs.
  14. Jon Holcombe

    Last Thursday Morning

    Under normal conditions, I''m lucky if the light lasts for 15 minutes. This past Thursday I had two hours of great conditions.
  15. Jon Holcombe

    Tuesday morning and dragonflies

    This morning and Sunday.
  16. Jon Holcombe

    Two locations in Wharton

    Saturday morning and early Friday morning (today).
  17. Jon Holcombe

    Questions about a spring and creek front condo

    Is this a spring? Looks like a spring that feeds the Batsto River. I don't want to talk location since I screwed up the photo and will be going back. There was no water source I could see other than crystal clear water bubbling up from the tree and moss, and a stream of water leading down to the...
  18. Jon Holcombe

    State Parks to reopen...

    ...May 2. My days as a desperado are almost over.
  19. Jon Holcombe

    This morning...

    Although I am a bit of a Covid State Forest scofflaw, I should point out that the first two were shot in a legal location Saturday morning. The last two were shot before all of this started.
  20. Jon Holcombe

    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

    Rumored fly by sometime today in the greater Philadelphia area. 15 aircraft starting at McGuire/Dix onto Trenton, down the Delaware, to center city Philadelphia then down to Wilmington. EDIT: my son sent me an official looking ATCT Procedures Bulletin dated April 20. But apparently they were in...