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  1. devilstoy

    bull dozed roads past high crossing

    we were coming down hampton road passed the furnace then made the right at high crossing and heading to godfreys bridge on according to the map on here its tuckerton rd , i thought it was hampton gate rd tho , and quite a few miles of that trail was bulldozed getting closer to washington...
  2. devilstoy

    some pretty cool old paper work

    i came across some pretty old paper work , one being a nj game law book for 1974 and a old pamphlet from pilgram lake campground , im not sure the year but it looks atleast from the 70's
  3. devilstoy

    rumors ?

    someone has been telling me thats somewhere along the tracks near high crossing that somewhere there is some sort of a building possably an old train station and posable remains of an old train , i never once heard of this , is or was there ever anything in the area or possably they got the area...
  4. devilstoy

    snow day- atsion to batsto

    just a few pictures from the really nice snow we have
  5. devilstoy

    bombing range

    i have read a few older articles on the bombing range but nothing recent , i was out passed martha last night doing some exploreing in areas i dont get to visit so much and since we were so close to the back side of the range it had me curious ,i heard it was shut down for a while but then...
  6. devilstoy

    1/4 mile update

    not to bring this crap up again but from what i been hearing the rangers were back last night (saturday) arresting people .... so for all its worth stuffs actually being done
  7. devilstoy

    well not newspaper but video

    fast foward to 16:15 in this clip
  8. devilstoy

    laws on hunting in green acres parks ?

    does anyone know these laws ? i tryed google and couldnt find what i was looking for , there a smaller section of green acres park near my house that i enjoy hiking and geocaching , i have my own cache hidden back there and myself as well as others have came upon one unhappy hunter that seems to...
  9. devilstoy

    life after people

    i really am addicted to that tv show , its amazing the technology they have to show the things they do , and they visit alot of already abandoned places , if anyone hasnt seen it you should deff look for it on the history channel
  10. devilstoy

    warning , hampton rd

    if anyone has plans on traveling thru the pines i would stay away from hampton rd , if you eneter from rt206 there is a huge was out at a stream crossing right before E, stokes rd , and the puddles beyond high crossing are totally rediculous right now , so becareful if you decide to drive thru...
  11. devilstoy

    does anyone know this ?

    not the pine barrens , i checked historic aerials and it looks like maybe an old farm town built some time in the late 40's early 50's , i really dont wanna post the location publicly , but if you know the place any info would be great , for some poeple who think they might know please pm me...
  12. devilstoy


    i found this website while searching for some local information , not really related to the pines but deff a good taste of what jersey was like in the late 1800's andearly 1900's , enjoy
  13. devilstoy

    laurel in the pines

    i found this to be an interesting artcle that others may enjoy ,ive herd about this place but never knew much about it , this place was huge !
  14. devilstoy

    quaker bridge tavern ?

    i was doing some research trying to gain some more knowledge on not so often talked about things of the pines , i just read that there was a tavern at quaker bridge, A tavern was located here from 1809-1849, i was not aware of this , does anyone have any more info , and where exactly was this...
  15. devilstoy

    random findings ?

    i have been really curious and wondering what has been found in the pines in years past , old coins , weapons ,tools, article's of clothing just anything major reflecting on its time period of when it was populated
  16. devilstoy

    murder plot / body dump
  17. devilstoy

    When does it ever end
  18. devilstoy

    is this a good a gps ?

    this gps seems really decent to me , does anyone own one or know anything about it ? im thinking about buying this one
  19. devilstoy

    anyone know this place ?

    i cam eacross this doing a random search on google , its near or called ramapo lake , not really sure where its at , possably near trenton , it looks like somewhere really cool to check out
  20. devilstoy

    jersey devil video , has anyone seen this ?

    most of the videos i found are stupid retard's trying to pull off a hoax , but this video actualy seemed a bit interesting , im usually not super crazy with all the over rated things weird nj has to do with but this one is on the right track