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    John Pearce (author of Heart of the Pines) has passed away I met him at the first Lines on the Pines. His book was quite an achievement. RIP
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    Charcoal pit locations?

    I believe these are charcoal "pits" Moderator note: this thread was created from posts that were split from this thread:
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    What is this symbol? Note the comb-like symbol just below the target. Must be a special kind of dam? I note that is appears at many, though certainly not all, dams. I see it on the 1942 and 1949 USGS topos, after which it just shows up as a straight line...
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    Bigfoot in the Pines!

    I grabbed a six pack of this year's Sierra Nevada Bigfoot yesterday. Looking forward to enjoying some in the Pines this weekend.
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    Mullica River Mystery

    I found this interesting piece of cut wood in the water at an old landing on the Mullica. Any ideas as to what it is?
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    Eyes bigger than his stomach

    Looks like this pickerel bit off more than it could chew.
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    Maps, Myth and Music: Pinelands Folklore and History in Song

    I'll be giving a presentation on local folklore and history this upcoming Friday the 13th. Actually, I'll give four short presentations that each will be followed up with a song. The topics will include: Joe Mulliner, The Jersey Devil, The White Stag of Shamong, and the history of the Mullica River.
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    Pinelands Brewing Company: Grand Opening!

    My buddy Jason Chapman and gang are just about open for business! The grand opening is this Saturday, March 1st.
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    What is going on here? Check out the bird's eye view on Bing Maps for a better view. Someone has recently been doing a number on this swamp in Galloway. Are they getting ready to log??
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    The Pines of My Past

    "The Pines of My Past" is the title of my Pine Barrens-centered album, and is a work in progress. I'll be using this thread to post links to some of the songs as I release them. Enjoy and spread the word! Here's the latest - a celebration of the legendary Joe Mulliner. Enjoy...
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    Minnelola (Mineola) River

    In her colorful article, "Batsto and the Bloomaries", Carmita De Salma Jones states that the Mullica River was known to the Lenape as "Minnelola" (Little Water). Does anyone know of any other information that might vindicate this? The article can be read here...
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    Red Cedars and Faden's 1777 map of NJ William Faden's 1777 map on NJ marks "red cedars" at the Forks of the Mullica River. Adjacent to the lower stretches of the Great Egg Harbor River, it reads, "white and red cedars". Were there...
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    Bog Iron

    "Iron made from bog ore will often contain residual silicates, which can form a glassy coating that grants some resistance to rusting." Jerseyman and Spung-Man, Be this a true statement? I wouldn't expect this to be true, based upon what I've seen. But I ain't no chemist.
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    Hand's Mills

    My friend asked me to research this place. After a little while of poking around the internet, I've written this brief synopsis. If anyone finds any errors, or has more info, please let me know. I have yet to explore Belleplain State Forest, and have not been to Hand's Mill before. I plan to...
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    Salt hay burning?
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    Who done it and why?

    Take a look at this patch of woods in between the Parkway and the Mighty Mullica: This area was all marsh in 1951, but by 1956 it was filled in. But for what purpose? This happened around the...
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    Tucker's Isle now has the 1920 and 1933 photos of Tucker's Island. Pretty humbling contrast! You can see in the 1920 shot that there was a bridge, a canal, and various buildings. All of that was swallowed by the Atlantic in 1927.
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    Odd There were once some reservoirs here (cranberry bogs??) but there is something odd about them. If you look at this location on and go to 1940, you can see some odd features in the...
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    Dock ruins on the Mullica

    This is one of the reasons I love the river. No matter how well I think I know it, there is always something more to be found, even if its been under my nose the whole time. I must have paddled by this location a couple hundred times, but not until last week did I notice some pilings jutting...