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  1. joc

    And we think Ticks are Bad !!

    Article in the NY times on the wild /feral hog problem. This is not the Pines as it focuses on Up-state NY , as well as the Adirondacks . Not meant to alarm , but they are present in at least Salem /Cumberland Counties in NJ ...
  2. joc

    Fisher ?

    I don 't mean for pickerel LOL :) Apparently they are confirmed in NJ , extreme NO . NJ . Has anyone heard of any sightings in the pines ? Just curious as i'm certainly no expert , but i'm thinking the pines would provide good habitat ? I don't remember seeing or...
  3. joc

    Question on Freshwater Fishing

    Is it me or has anyone else had issues with Freshwater this year ? I usually have good luck for bass and pickerel .This year i have done very little , but have not had luck with much of anything this year. First thing comes to mind is the weather , but i was wondering if any one else has...
  4. joc

    Swimmer Stung By Sting Ray - Island Beach State Park

    Was'nt there a Great white shark spotted there back in June ?? I was there on Tuesday. :eek: