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  1. Teegate

    Today's Exploring

    We were in Lebanon this morning searching for monuments and stones and found a few monuments along the South Branch of the Mt. Misery Brook. There are some nice cedar area's in there and some not so nice area's. Anyway, this monument is along what was the Rogers Exception to the Hanover Farm's...
  2. Teegate

    Popcorn Park Box Turtle

    Interesting turtle. I suspect the previous owners had something to do with it's attitude.
  3. Teegate

    Burn Area's

    If you see a freshly burned area in the Lebanon / Wharton / Ocean County area please post the general location here. I am trying to get to them before vegetation grows in the spring.
  4. Teegate

    Human case of West Nile virus reported in Atlantic County
  5. Teegate


    We went stone searching today and everyplace we went there was a hunters vehicle right where we wanted to go so we gave up. On our way home we were heading up Carranza Road above Friendship following a state vehicle and they pulled over right by the Featherbed. You can't see it in the photo but...
  6. Teegate

    Along The Albertson Branch

    We went stone hunting along the Albertson Branch today and pretty much came up empty. We only found a Wharton monument. The woods are nice in a few spots, but for the most part it is pretty dense. The creature comforts are nice! This did not come out as focused as I hoped. I blame my...
  7. Teegate

    Cutts Old Property

    All, We spent the morning again walking Cutt's old property which we have discussed numerous times. We wanted to check to see if the bridge has been replaced on Iricks Causeway. We had noticed they had used fill dirt and stones at 532 but it turns out they used it all the way down the causeway...
  8. Teegate

    Bald Eagle And Other Things

    It hangs around in the Parker Preserve. My filter needs cleaning :( Propped my camera on one of the benches at the Parker Preserve They are everywhere. Hundred's of them.
  9. Teegate

    Not Pine Barren Related --Remains of Idaho hunter missing for 53 years found by another hunter
  10. Teegate

    A Few From Today

    Was at the new dam at Chatsworth Lake. A month ago the state cut the grass where Lady Tresses usually grow and I was certain I would not see many this year. However, we were surprised that some are growing and I saw this one being eaten by a worm. Photographed a Catalpa leaf at the...
  11. Teegate

    Google Earth And The JCRR

    Have you noticed the new markings and the black line on the JCRR starting at Woodmansie all the way north?
  12. Teegate

    Across Long Causeway And Beyond!

    All, Today the both of us explored on the east side of Long Causeway looking for property monuments and anything else we could find. Found a few monuments along the state and NJCF property line. Deep in the woods I noticed this wooden stake in the ground along the side of a path...
  13. Teegate

    Franklin Parker Preserve Dedication.....Then And Now

    All, It was 17 years ago this month (9/24/2004) when the NJCF held a dedication ceremony in a bog on the property they had just acquired and had named the Franklin Parker Preserve. If you contributed to the purchase of the property and invite was sent out and you were able to bring a guest...
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    Saw this today. Video
  15. Teegate

    The Area Around The Price Branch

    All, I was looking over aerials yesterday and noticed that either late last year or early this year a control burn occurred in the woods north of the Price Branch. This is in the woods behind the junk yard on Chew Road. I also noticed this and decide to visit...
  16. Teegate


    My daughter bought an inflatable kayak to get to places that are not easy to get to with her Old Town. She has found it to be much better than expected.
  17. Teegate

    Painted Rock

    Walking along a road pretty far into the woods and saw this just off the edge.
  18. Teegate

    Kayak And Fishing

    My daughter Jennifer goes kayaking and fishing with her boss, and yesterday they did just that. The stream they go on is rarely used and they are able to fish right from the kayak by holding onto logs with their legs. Here is one of the many fish caught yesterday. They caught so many they...
  19. Teegate

    Popcorn Plant

    Jessica grew a popcorn plant not really knowing how big they get. It was about 6 inches tall when she acquired it. The plant actually has the smell of buttered popcorn. She read online that for the seeds to fully form it has to be really hot and so far they are not growing to full size. The...
  20. Teegate


    Have you noticed the Alpacas are no longer in Chew Town along Chew Road near the cemetery?