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    This is good news
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    Property for sale

    Kind of an odd overview on this property. Put me back a bit.
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    Pine snakes

    They do lunge at you. If you fear them, it's effective I suppose. I saw a red tail hawk take off from the ground yesterday in the open, so I went to investigate. Apparently there was a standoff with this snake. I moved him to the shrubs, but it was still very agitated. Cell phone camera, poor...
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    Hog Nose

    Saw a really nice one yesterday. About 16" long. I had taken off my pack and was kneeling down and there he was, about 3 feet from me.
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    Go for it if you need it.
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    Monitors; Dual or Ultrawide?

    I'm ready to move from this 22" Dell Monitor to something bigger/better. I often have two maps up, or I often have a spreadsheet or Word Document up while I'm looking at a PDF file. In my research I found this article below. Seems to make a lot of sense for one wide monitor. How about you, do...
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    I was deep in along Mill Creek today, about midway between Warren Grove and Manahawkin. This shot below is me standing in tributary water 10" or so deep. It's so nice that we have water coming from pristine land. By the way, in less than a mile, this stream runs along Manahawkin dump.
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    Right of way?

    Guy, I was out looking for an old laser tag game area a friend owned in the mid 1980's. It was one of the two clearings shown just north of 72. But what of this long narrow block. Do you know anything about it, is it a right of way? Tax map does not say. Maybe he was illegal, and used the right...
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    Land swap with gun club

    I'm kind of okay with it, but it definitely is skewed on the clubs side.
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    This is an interesting story. Never heard of the estate before. I'm glad it'll be a park now.
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    And so it goes, and goes

    Where is this. I'm sure one of you will know it. From today. Thousands of trees gone. Bam!
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    Vaccine availability

    Got my email from the state than I can schedule, but no available appointments. But I did find this list I overlooked on the NJ page. There is a download link on the page. COVID-19 Vaccine Locations for Eligible Recipients (
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    Off-road Article
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    What we did to this wonderful flowering seep.

    This is a seep harboring at least two orchid species and likely curly grass and other things. It has been ruined by flow of water seeping from a dump. Disgusting.
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    Toyota 4runner issue

    For you guys on the forum who are good mechanics, I sold my Tacoma this year, as it was really beat up. I've been looking for a decent used 4runner for a couple months now, and it's a really hard thing to find. I now have a good lead on a 2007 model SR5 with a V6. But, according to the owner, in...
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    Bridge Deterioration

    I know some of you already know this, but for those that don't, I advise you to go over this bridge slow. It's an accident wafting to happen. Some of the boards are barely hanging on and slap upwards because the fasteners no longer do the job of holding them down. One board is almost weathered...
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    Toyota 4runner

    Any of you have opinions on the models from 2010 and older? I'm thinking seriously of getting one, and did quite a bit of research. Hard to find good ones with decent mileage left on them. I would not settle for a 4 cylinder, would like V6. It's amazing to me that the people who have them for...
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    Bamber Home for Sale

    If you know of an interested person, I'm selling my home. Need to downsize etc.
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    Hard Drive

    Did you ever destroy one? This is my second. The first one I did by putting it in a bucket with 2 pounds of salt for six months outside. I think I remember pounding it with a sledge hammer at the end. They are super tough. Today I used a big crow bar and chisel to open it up, then when I got the...
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    I always wish I had a computer that was expendable and could not get me in trouble if I clicked on the bait button (Update Now). I'm always dying to see what they are trying to do to me.