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    Preserving rural NJ

    I know it's only a few miles north of the Pine Barrens but this was a major victory for the citizens who want to see a New Jersey that is more green than it is black (as in tarmac)...
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    Relic from Lakehurst N.A.S.

    I recently bought this trailer from a local farmer who said that it has been on the family farm for at least 50 years (in the northern Pine Barrens) and that his father bought it at a government auction at Lakehurst in the 1960's or early 70's. It is either an ammunition trailer or a weapons...
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    Southern Reliability Link Accident

    This house, which is down the street from mine, was destroyed this weekend by pressure drilling to install the 30" pipeline. the location is in southwest Monmouth County, across the street from Burlington County about 1/2 mile away from Ocean County. The poor homeowner, a 77 year old widow...
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    Vintage Pinelands Book

    I was recently given this book. Has anyone ever heard of it or seen it before. It seems to be a tremendous reference. No matter what I tried, The 2 photos defaulted lying on their sides.
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    Bill to allow prescribed burns
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    Ocean Spray

    Attached is a full wall painted mural in the front office/meeting room of the now defunct Ocean Spray Cranberry processing plant on Park Avenue in Bordentown.
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    Solar Farm, Court upholds decision to build
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    Ghost Forest

    An article about the Pine Barrens and infiltration by sea water will be published in the Star Ledger tomorrow. Here is a brief description of the article: THE GHOST FOREST Parts of the state’s storied Pine Barrens is becoming a ghost forest. The Pine Barrens stretches across seven counties and...
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    Southern Reliability Link Construction Begins

    The attached photos were taken Wednesday, March 29, 2017 In Chesterfield, NJ showing workers, heavy equipment and protesters all arriving for the beginning of excavation for the much anticipated, debated and protested Southern Reliability Link Pipeline. The 28 mile pipeline project will extend...
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    Water contamination in Rancocas Creek

    This article is featured in today's NJ Spotlight and is quite disconcerting.
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    A book about the history of Monmouth and Ocean Counties

    I was searching for some historical information on the web tonight and came across this book: Salters History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ. Here is the link to the book:
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    Airships and Lakehurst N.A.S.

    This seems like the best place to post this and some other related historic photos. I hope you enjoy them.
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    Zeppelin at Lakehurst N.A.S

    I was sorting through some of my collection and came upon this photo of the U.S.S. Los Angeles (ZR-3) moored at Lakehurst N.A.S. The airship was built in Germany after WW1 as war reparation and delivered to the U.S. Navy. I thought the title, "Among the Pines" made sharing it appropriate on this...
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    No clear cutting at Six Flags Great Adventure (for now)
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    3 Tires, size LT305/55R20

    These tires have plenty of treadwear left. They appear to have been used as a backstop for paintball practice, nothing a good hosing down won't take care of. There are 3 tires and I'm asking $300 for all of them. Manufacturer: Terrain Master, AMP M/T; Size: LT305/55R20.
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    What are these geometric patterns?

    I found these patterns cut into the forest roughly within a triangle of Rt. 539, rt. 72 and Savoy Blvd. My speculation is that they are some sort of aviation navigation aid or a satellite calibration pattern but there is nothing to be found anywhere on the internet explaining what it is. If the...