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    Webbs Mill Branch

    Took a ride by the beaver dam at Webbs Mill Branch yesterday. Water was flowing over the road, not at the outlet pipe but a little bit south of it. It was passable but still....
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    Nancy Wittenberg
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    Heritage Minerals

    I was on Rte. 70 on Sunday and saw that they ran a water main out of Manchester Blvd. along the south side of 70 to the entrance of Heritage Minerals. It took a right into the entrance and was stubbed out there. Are they gearing up for development?
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    Rare Orchid

    Not the Pines but......
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    Roadway restoration

    I was looking for something else and came upon this. Thought it may be of interest to some here.
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    Pemberton Lake

    From the NJDEP: 8:53 AM DEP FWLISTS via owner-njfreshwaterfishing To,, Due to the presence of a suspected blue-green algae bloom (Cyanobacteria) which can be harmful to people...
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    Changes at Fish and Wildlife

    Wasn't sure where to post this and wasn't sure if I should copy and paste the E-mail I got from NJ Fish and Wildlife. Dave Chanda's new role will be to find additional sources of revenue to support the division's mission. I don't think there's a bake sale down the road.
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    Questions for the canoe (and fix-it) guys

    I just acquired a Coleman canoe, plastic, about 15' 7" overall. I have a couple of questions, and probably a few more down the road. How do I determine what length paddles I need? I've asked three people and gotten three different answers. The seats are cracked. They're plastic, riveted to...
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    Report dumpsites

    I haven't tried this yet but most likely will. The easier it is the more folks will probably participate. Apologies if this was already posted.