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  1. oji

    Today's Exploring

    I have pictures of them as caterpillars also. I usually see them in scrub oaks when I'm checking Arethusa in the springtime
  2. oji

    Today's Exploring

    Looks like a Buck moth
  3. oji

    Greenwood stewardship plan

    On Washington Turnpike they are using a good sized machine and I think it has tracks. It would be good to have these stones marked so they don't get damaged.
  4. oji

    Greenwood stewardship plan

    It looks like they don't use email. Main Office (Trenton) Dave Golden, Director N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife Mail Code 501-03 P.O. Box 420 Trenton, NJ 08625-0420 609-292-2965 Fax: 609-984-1414 or maybe this- Mail Code 501-04B State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection...
  5. oji

    Greenwood stewardship plan

    Not sure but maybe something similar to the thinning that was done at Washington Turnpike and a couple spots in Brendan Byrne.
  6. oji

    Tour of the Pines

    NJChileHead is correct. It is in the Fabaceae (pea) family.
  7. oji

    Orchids and Other Things

    I checked on the population of Isotria verticillata by me and saw about 18. None were blooming but one looked like it had remnants of a flower.
  8. oji

    Atco Dragway

    The last I heard was that the Pinelands Commission deemed their certificate of filing as inconsistent. That means there were parts of the plan that didn't meet environmental standards. Basically you just have to fix the problem and you can get approval. Waterford Township land use board and a...
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    Sunday Exploring

    If there is only 1 would it still be considered a chorus
  10. oji

    Derelict Houses on Indian Cabin Road, Egg Harbor City, NJ

    There are a lot of houses here in Pemberton Township that were bought from the military on Fort Dix when they were being replaced with newer buildings. You would buy the house and then move it to your lot off base. Most of the lumber used in them was 2x3 and not much more larger than a 2x4.
  11. oji

    Where is this?

    It's definitely not one of my spackle jobs!
  12. oji

    And so it goes, and goes

    The construction industry is really booming right now. In the city and the suburbs.
  13. oji

    And so it goes, and goes

    Leisuretowne is about 30 minutes away.
  14. oji

    And so it goes, and goes

    Is that in the regional growth area?
  15. oji

    Where is this?

    I drive down there a few times a month. There used to be some large Turk's cap Lily but I haven't seen them in several years. The Blue Mist flower along the roadside is nice also! There is a nice trail across the bypass if you park at the canoe launch area.
  16. oji

    Where is this?

    It's along Coleman's Bridge Rd. between the bypass and Lake Pemberton.
  17. oji

    Blow-out Tide on the Mullica

    When I look back at old threads and see a posting by James Ungehajer I like to give him a memorial "Lo and behold".
  18. oji

    Allen road, Oswego Road, and the bombing range.

    Go to NJCF's website, click Who We Are, then News, page 5, March 23, 2010
  19. oji

    What we did to this wonderful flowering seep.

    Aaah, this looks like the site that was supposed to be a park in perpetuity (until money could be made with a solar farm). In order to build a solar farm on an abandoned dumpsite it must be properly capped first. I think that monitoring well should be checked out!
  20. oji

    Pinelands Commission Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of Possible Unmarked Graves at Mullica Cemetery

    Looks like it was done recently. This was the groundwork and the write-up probably isn't done. Most of their research is online at their website.