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  1. Sarra

    End of the Summer :(

    a few pics from my labor day trek lots of others here
  2. Sarra

    Webb's Mill This Morning

    It felt so good to have a day off of work when the sun was shining.
  3. Sarra

    Mining In Jackson Anyone know about this? I know some people that could be impacted by this...just curious about other opinions out there.
  4. Sarra

    Found In My Back Yard

    I live in Ocean Gate, and maybe this isn't exactly Pine Barrens related, but maybe someone could tell me what they think I have found. These are just a few of the things I found this week while planting some Witch Hazel and Deciduous Hollies. I have also found intact Coke bottles and Michelob...
  5. Sarra

    Lichen 03.02.2013

    Had my dog out today - looking for something to photograph and this is what I came up with.