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  1. coppersisters

    Man Goes Missing During Hunting Trip

    I would mention it to Good job finding them!
  2. coppersisters

    Man Goes Missing During Hunting Trip

    Funny, I just read 5 reports. And they all have the man as wearing long jeans, flannel shirt, with solid color tee underneath. No shorts
  3. coppersisters

    Missing Person in Red Lion, Southampton Area

    Many of us love to wander the woods. If you see anything suspicious in this area, please report it to the Police. Thanks
  4. coppersisters

    Is the water from artesian wells safe to drink?

    Thanks smoke_jumper. Some of them that I have seen have a pipe at ground level and the water empties in a pool. I wouldn't drink from them. When these wells were first discovered, did they just hammer a pipe in the ground to divert the water? Could these old pipes be made of lead?
  5. coppersisters

    Is the water from artesian wells safe to drink?

    ~I posted this elsewhere, but got no response. Maybe someone here knows?~ Is the water found in artesian wells in the Pine Barrens safe to drink? Has anyone ever tested their water quality? Is the water considered spring water or mineral water? I remember seeing people filling bottles for...
  6. coppersisters

    Are Artesian Wells Safe for Drinking?

    Is the water found in artesian wells in the Pine Barrens safe to drink? Has anyone ever tested their water quality? I remember seeing people filling bottles at the well in the Atlantic Co. Park in Estell Manor, they swore by it.
  7. coppersisters

    Bottle hunting reccomendations

    When I go walking through the woods, I always pick up beer cans and bottles, Wawa trash, plastic bags.....the old Girl Scout way of "Leave it cleaner than you found it". Is that wrong or illegal? Or will today's trash be tomorrow's artifacts?
  8. coppersisters


    I doused my legs with alcohol, then scrubbed twice with Dawn (to get them off), then followed with a scrub of tea tree oil. I got about 90% of them off. But forgot they were on the seat of my car! LOL They only itch once in a while, but I want to go walking through the woods again!
  9. coppersisters


    When (if ever) does chigger season end? Anyone have any old Piney remedies for killing them when you see them on your legs or how to stop the itch once they've dug in?
  10. coppersisters

    Anyone got any stories?

    A little late, Piney friend who grew up in Port (Piney talk for Port Republic...close to where Mrs. Leeds lived)....told me a story from about 15 years ago. Growing up in Port, she knew exactly where the Leeds house was and everyone usually just stayed away from there. One night...
  11. coppersisters

    What mammal would dig up sand over and over?

    Did you ever see that show that used to be on Discovery channel, where the guy was in NC (I think) and he had a pet bear who could find him a couple of thousand dollars worth of truffles in a few hours? I have a digger dog, bred for hunting out prey and digging in their dens. I tried to teach...
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    Thanks Rednek. I will! Mark- this belonged to Anna (of George and Anna). Her Grandmother was a Swain. When Anna moved, she just left everything. I got to go through the house before George sold it. I thought these were too valuable to be left behind. So was Swainton named for this family?
  13. coppersisters


    I know this is not the correct place to post this, but I just wanted to put this out there.... I have a couple of 1800's bibles belonging to the Swain family from Cape May County. Their family history goes back to the 1700's in them. I have tried to find a member of the family to love these...
  14. coppersisters

    Batsto Outhouses

    Funny Mark! But it was a piece of history. If you were a worker in the mansion, I'm sure they didn't want them just stepping outside and popping a squat anywhere. When ya gotta go...ya gotta go! I always think about the whole scene, not just the romantic mansion and how wonderful their life...
  15. coppersisters

    Be careful out there

    I like the idea of it killing the chiggers. I got them twice this week. Pharmacist said I was the 15th person to come in this week looking for ChiggerX
  16. coppersisters

    New study on Lyme Disease

    Ticks carry lots of other diseases to watch out for. About 5 yrs ago, my 80 yr old Mother had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Babesiosis from a cat rubbing on her leg and depositing a tick on her. Weird symptoms. When she got to the er I asked for all tick testing. It took them a week to get...
  17. coppersisters

    Old Hotel That Never Was on the Mullica

    Thanks Pinelandpaddler. I didn't think it was that old! In the first pic I posted, you can see the crushed, thin glass mixed in with the mortar. To me it looked like the glass was from beer bottles, as the area is loaded with beer bottles. And the story I posted about it was a video on youtube.
  18. coppersisters

    Batsto Outhouses

    Thanks Mark! I knew, if anyone would be you! I have asked volunteers there, park patrol, BCC....they look at me like I'm crazy. It's one of those wacky things kids would like to see....You think you have it tough? When I was a kid I walked 5 miles in the snow to school and had to...
  19. coppersisters

    Old Hotel That Never Was on the Mullica

    Thanks Ben, I found that info, too.