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  1. bushwacker

    they confirmed Barr

    we'll be needing the monkey wrench gang soon enough....
  2. bushwacker

    odd ducks

    there were 4 black bellied whistling ducks at Patriot lake behind the Galloway township library yesterday afternoon. I did not look to see if they were still there this morning.
  3. bushwacker

    lines in the pines email I recieved today Hi Folks! It’s a Sign of the Pines is proud to sponsor Lines on the Pines and Lines on the Pines for KIDS. We are now a 501 (c)(3) corporation of NJ and a tax exempt charitable organization. We are also pleased to announce the recent launching of our website...
  4. bushwacker

    a compelling photo
  5. bushwacker

    deer contaceptive Wouldn't it make some sense to allow for hunters to sell venison to butchers and then butchers to the public?
  6. bushwacker

    what's burning?

    Driving out odf AC on the WHP I noticed a large plume off to the north in the direction of New Gretna, or perhaps beyond. What's burning?