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    Rutgers University Marine Research Station nearTuckerton Threatened by Rising Sea Level

    Read on <Facebook” an article on “NJ Spotlight” <> describes the station’s need to move due to...
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    Mason Dixon Line Re-Survey

    To monument seekers, boundary line surveyors/historians, and the just curious: in 1632 English King Charles I charter to Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore II, for the Maryland colony established the northern boundary at 40 degrees north latitude. The 1681 charter granted to William Penn set the...
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    After moving to Huntingdon, PA, it turned out that we’ve left South Jersey but not the barrens. There’s a pine barrens - where I worked almost 70 years ago - State Game Lands near US322 west of State College which we plan to explore, and Appalachian Shale Barrens in several areas nearby. In fact...
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    Below is a link to an interesting article about Fishers. The article is from a blog written by Marcia Bonta, naturalist from central PA and whom my wife Ro knows quite well, having originally lived nearby. While PA, NY, WV are mentioned, NJ is not. However, the article points out that...
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    Disappearing Orchids

    Late last week Ro &I toured our end of Burlington County, looking for Pink Lady Sipper/Cyprepediumacaule. We visited a number of places including three sites at Whitesbog, including one that held a number of plants 2 years ago, one just outside Leisuretowne, one north of Tabernacle, etc. We...
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    Sycamore Plantings

    Many old Burlington County homesteads had a pair of Sycamore trees planted at the entrance. What was the basis/belief for this practice? Did only Quakers do so? Why/when did the practice die out? Why only American Sycamores?
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    NOT Good News

    Yet another new NJ tick ... Not good news....
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    Lichens Presentation by Natalie Howe

    This presentation is available at: <> It's suitable for the general public visiting the Pines; it's explaining the lichens they may see. Thus I thought it appropriate for this Forum. BTW, Ro and I met Natalie in...
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    Jackson Road Closed

    Ro & I went for a drive down Jackson Rd from route 541/Stokes Rd. We were shocked to see signs "Road Closed" and found concrete barriers across the road at the north edge of a lake at about the Camden/Burlington county line. Thought this was a public road? Who gave authority to block it? Why?
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    Trigonometry 1000 years Before the Greeks

    Very interesting article about recently deciphered Babylonian clay tablet. Hope all of article and video comes thru. johnny b...
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    Russ Anderson Road

    Russ Anderson Road runs north off 532/Chatsworth-Tabernacle Rd west of Chatsworth Lake. Who was Russ Anderson? Why is this piece of the road named for him?
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    3 States Stone

    it's not the Pines, but I just had to post this to show Teagate easy stone hunting out west. Picture of my granddaughter Kat on a trek with her mom, Ann, at Black Mesa, OK (highest point). Stone marks junction NM, OK, and Co - but has 4 sides, 2 for Co. Why not triangular???
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    Anyone know the source/s of the name of this settlement in Southampton Twp at Retreat and Big Hill Roads? Learned from report here of a PBX that it long ago had a cotton mill, now bordered by Leisuretown. We found a big, abandoned concrete dam and spillway in woods nearby.
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    Clam Factory

    While at Forsythe NWR on 24 Jun 2017 Ro took a picture of the clam factory ruins, with the fish factory ruins in the background. When did the clam factory stop operations? Why was it built on two joined barges and not on an island? Why was it built ut on the water - if on shore it would have...
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    Going west on 532, right at the north roadside, at a corner of an abandoned bog at 390 50’ 16.4”, 740 39’ 47.2”, there’s a small sign: “Grass Site 43.14” Anyone have information on this? P.S. While I'm at it, do these bogs have a nime?
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    Brave Black Racer

    Ro's son, his wife and son, Ro and I were sitting on our 10 foot back patio, facing a 70+ foot wide swale and deep, wet woods beyond that on Sunday afternoon. While we all were sitting on the patio, a chipmunk skittered across, right next to the house Moments later a Black Racer snake...
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    Brasenia schreberi to botanists. We've seen plants in Pine bogs but never have photographed it in bloom. Wikipedia says it blooms one day as a male flower, releasing pollen, goes back underwater overnight, emerges second day as female flower and recives pollen, goes back underwater that night...
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    Mauricetown/Heislerville Birding

    Hey, they're on the fringe the Pines... Ro & I went down to Heislerville . We stopped for gas at the Rte 47/Mauricetown Rd WaWa. Attendant saw Ro’s big lens & camera, asked if we were down birding. We said “yes”. Attendant said he lived nearby; that “they” pit up temporary bleachers on the...
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    Beaver Swamp WMA

    Yesterday Ro & I visited Beaver Swamp, parked at the end of the pot-holed dirt road, walked across the earthen dam and thru the wooded "island". Lots of questions: who built that dam? when? What for? It's in the middle of nowhere, didn't see signs of a mill, doesn't look like cranberry bog...
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    It was a toss-up as to where to tack this post, "Trip Reports ..." or here, and obviously "here" won. Ro and I attended excellent "Pine Barrens Short Course" at Stockton yesterday. While there mark Szutarski introduced us to the subject journal ,"A journal devoted to the history, culture, and...