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  1. coppersisters

    Missing Person in Red Lion, Southampton Area

    Many of us love to wander the woods. If you see anything suspicious in this area, please report it to the Police. Thanks
  2. coppersisters

    Is the water from artesian wells safe to drink?

    ~I posted this elsewhere, but got no response. Maybe someone here knows?~ Is the water found in artesian wells in the Pine Barrens safe to drink? Has anyone ever tested their water quality? Is the water considered spring water or mineral water? I remember seeing people filling bottles for...
  3. coppersisters

    Are Artesian Wells Safe for Drinking?

    Is the water found in artesian wells in the Pine Barrens safe to drink? Has anyone ever tested their water quality? I remember seeing people filling bottles at the well in the Atlantic Co. Park in Estell Manor, they swore by it.
  4. coppersisters


    When (if ever) does chigger season end? Anyone have any old Piney remedies for killing them when you see them on your legs or how to stop the itch once they've dug in?
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    I know this is not the correct place to post this, but I just wanted to put this out there.... I have a couple of 1800's bibles belonging to the Swain family from Cape May County. Their family history goes back to the 1700's in them. I have tried to find a member of the family to love these...
  6. coppersisters

    Batsto Outhouses

    I have been going to Batsto Village for at least 45 years. I love it! We even had a class trip in the 70's and for 35 cents we got to ride the stagecoach. One thing that always amazed me was the big outhouse that sat right alongside the ice house. It was as long as the ice house and had...
  7. coppersisters

    Marker in the woods where 3 counties meet, Ocean, Burlington, and Atlantic

    I recently read where a marker was placed where 3 counties met (I am guessing it's in the woods). Burlington, Ocean, and Atlantic (?) counties. Somewhere near Wharton or New Gretna. It was put there in the 1700's by a survey crew. Does anyone know where it's at or have a picture of it?
  8. coppersisters

    Old Hotel That Never Was on the Mullica

    I remember reading about a hotel that was being built on the Mullica. Not sure, but I think the owner abandoned it and never finished. Then someone else tried to finish it and he lived there till it burned down in the 1980's. Yesterday, I found a beautiful stone structure overlooking the...
  9. coppersisters

    Tick Diseases & Babesiosis

    My 80yo mother was recently stricken with some odd symptoms....lethargy, high fevers at night that made her sweat out the bed, disorientation, very low blood pressure, and shakes (more than chills...her whole body shook the hospital bed). When we took her to the ER, I asked that she be tested...
  10. coppersisters

    Batsto and their outhouses

    I have been visiting Batsto for over 40 years (I was a very young child, mind you) and I was always amazed at the large outhouse that was supposedly used by the mansion workers. It had about 5 regular seats and 2 lower seats (for kids). This outhouse was located right alongside the side of the...