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  1. Star Tree

    Greenwood Girl's Grave

    Someone just asked me if anyone could recall or have a photo of the girls grave located in Greenwood. This small cemetary is another cool spot that too many people knew about. The one stone was for a young girl girl named Atkinson. Someone had tried to repair it some years ago.but now a lot of...
  2. Star Tree

    Mystery Rock Pile

    I came upon this pile of rocks about a mile behind Coyle. It's about 4' high. Some one had to drive them in on a rough road, walk them in, about 70' on a foot trail and neatly stack them by hand. Does anyone know why some one would do this? We first noticed it from the air about 2 years ago and...
  3. Star Tree

    Attaching a photo to a post

    Hi: Is there someone who could run though the steps on attaching a photo to a post? I saw the post on FAQ but I couldn't get it to work for me. Thanks for your help.