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  1. Pandot

    Hammonton Lakes Campground

    I vaguely remember something about a fee due to the state, or some silly regulation that they didnt comply with in a timely manner. they weren't permitted to operate as a result. I am pretty certain it was over something ridiculous and minor.
  2. Pandot

    Native Pinelands Plants for the Landscape

    Thanks, Oji. I went a few years ago and was pleased with the selection as well as the overall set-up. I'm glad you reminded me of the place!
  3. Pandot

    Wanted: Used Coleman Scanoe

    Long-a-coming: What is yours made of? Thanks.
  4. Pandot

    Wanted: Used Coleman Scanoe

    Thanks for your input. -n.
  5. Pandot

    Wanted: Used Coleman Scanoe

    Seriously. I didn't trust his ad, anyway... we are replacing the one that was stolen in lovely Red Bank, NJ, #3 on Smithsonian's Best Small Towns list!
  6. Pandot

    Wanted: Used Coleman Scanoe

    Dogg, thank you. I did see that one earlier in the week. The 14', 7" models are around $350, new.
  7. Pandot

    Wanted: Used Coleman Scanoe

    I'm looking for a used Coleman Scanoe or comparable square-stern canoe and am willing to travel anywhere in Jersey south of I-195. I am surprised how difficult this is and wonder if anybody out there has one you've been thinking about unloading or knows of somebody who is. Thanks, Noelle
  8. Pandot

    Attention NJ Forest Fire Service

    Oh my God, I am so sorry i came across this photo. This hurts my heart. I am going to cry.
  9. Pandot

    Help with a face and a place

    It could even be in Hammonton. There were some very large industrial buildings there.
  10. Pandot

    Mullica Steam Boat

    This boat's been the talk of the neighborhood. The owner lives here in Sweetwater now. Apparently, he takes the boat out quite regularly because it seems on average we hear the whistle every other day. very cool.
  11. Pandot

    'Lost' rainbow toad rediscovered

    Occasionally, we hear whippoorwills when our windows are open at night. One memorable time, it sounded as if one was literally right below our bedroom window. It sometimes sounds like they are spread throughout the woods behind our back property. Kinda like the tree frogs. It's comforting, in a...
  12. Pandot

    Time to check your sump pump

    Thank you. We usually don't get around to checking ours until after the event.
  13. Pandot

    4 Rattlesnakes Along a Road

    That is amazing. What a treat. When I take my dogs into the woods, I don't let them run because I can't trust them to not chase an animal into the next county. I don't think I've ever even considered them running into a gang like that one. Yikes.
  14. Pandot

    4 Rattlesnakes Along a Road

    Did you see, or hear them first? n.
  15. Pandot

    guess what and where?

    I found you but your security settings allow no access to any albums unless we are "friends".
  16. Pandot

    World Series of Birding

    I've been a big birder for most of my adult life. When we were relocating to the quiet woods of South Jersey three years ago, I looked forward to enjoying a new group of species. I have been so busy (not the good kind) and haven't participated in any of the counts since moving here. Go figure...
  17. Pandot

    Revisiting the Chemical Dumps along 532 and 72.

    Your photos of the sticks are gruesome. Superfund sites make my skin crawl.