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  1. maxwellandson

    Canoeing with my oldest son

    My oldest Boy came home from college this week, yesterday was such a nice day we deciced to go for a canoe trip.We decide to put in at Weymouth Furnace on the Great Egg Harbor Dylan standing by my truck as we are getting ready to un load we took Wharton along too this was a little...
  2. maxwellandson

    Happy New Year !!!!!

    Happy New Year Everyone !!!!!!
  3. maxwellandson

    Daytime Wandering's

    This is at the back of Lake Lenape, just about where the Great Egg Harbor River dump's into the Lake.
  4. maxwellandson

    nighttime travels

    night time travels One of the base piers for the Bear Swamp Forest Fire Tower
  5. maxwellandson

    I just thought this picture was funny!

    This is my youngest daughter Charlotte at Crowleys Landing last Friday We went out to Crowley's Landing early in the day on Friday
  6. maxwellandson

    what is this from

    My son Bubby found this yesterday . We were in a trail off of Iron Pipe rd.
  7. maxwellandson

    Bub's big fishing expo

    this is bub's first big fish
  8. maxwellandson

    hi everyone

    just wanted to introduce myself to everyone it seems like this is a pretty inyteresting site.