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  1. h2ochild

    Harrisville Lake tree removal and grading

    Does anyone know what's up with the tree removal and grading by both dams on the Rt 679 side of the lake? Hopefully not just additional parking...
  2. h2ochild

    Local Civil War Fighters

    The Tuckerton Historical Society, is featuring a talk by Pete Stemmer August 16 2014 2-4 PM, about locals who fought in the Civil War. More info here:
  3. h2ochild

    Paper Wasps

    I live in the Leektown area, and for the past two years have seen a scarcity of paper wasps (polistes). We see a few queens in the spring and then no more. I have three open eaved sheds, and porches, that have to be scoured for nest removal (usually two or three per shed), but the past two...
  4. h2ochild

    Harrisville Lake to Wading River Canal

    I often hike a short stretch of the Batona between Rt 563 and 679, along the remnants of a canal. Does anyone know what was the purpose for this dug canal, that led from the West Branch of the Wading River, over to Harrisville Lake? The “ wooden diverter” remains are still in the river. At the...