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  1. Boyd

    1.2 Million GoDaddy/WordPress Users Hacked

    Bad news if you host a WordPress site at GoDaddy... :eek: "Anything up to 1.2 million users have seen their email address and customer number exposed, as well as admin passwords for both WordPress sites hosted on the platform, plus passwords for sFTPs, databases and SSL private keys."...
  2. Boyd

    The new universal boydsmaps web app is (finally) here!

    There were times when I thought this would never be finished, but this evening the new site is finally online! :dance: Getting a bit weary after a full day of staring at code, so this will just be an introduction. No help file is available yet in the app, but it will be...
  3. Boyd

    Wind Advisory

    URGENT - WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 255 AM EST Sat Nov 13 2021 Middlesex-Western Monmouth-Ocean-Atlantic-Southeastern Burlington- Including the cities of New Brunswick, Freehold, Jackson, Hammonton, and Wharton State Forest 255 AM EST Sat Nov 13 2021 ...WIND...
  4. Boyd

    Crescent Moon

    Anybody else see the spectacular thin crescent moon early this morning? It was facing up, like a cup (the bottom of the moon was illuminated and the top was dark). Stopped right in the middle of the road and took this through the windshield with my phone. Photo really doesn't do justice to it...
  5. Boyd

    Frost Advisory

    First one of the season, about two weeks later than last year. We hit a low of 37 at my place last night. URGENT - WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 330 AM EDT Tue Nov 2 2021 New Castle-Middlesex-Western Monmouth-Mercer-Salem-Gloucester- Camden-Northwestern...
  6. Boyd

    Forecasters predict long-lasting warm temperatures in eastern U.S.

    "Warm, humid conditions more typical of late summer have returned and show little sign of retreating. Forecasts now call for above-average temperatures lasting at least 10 days, with high temperatures in some areas nearly 30 degrees above normal at times."...
  7. Boyd

    Higher zoom levels now available

    This had me stumped ever since creating the mobile site - the Maptalks software would not allow the map to be "over-zoomed" like the old Leaflet software. This prevented you from magnifying the map beyond the size of the original imagery. Well, I finally figured it out - and it literally only...
  8. Boyd

    Lifeguard killed, 7 injured in lightning strike at Seaside Park beach

    "Neighbors said the lightning strike was accompanied by a couple of the loudest thunderclaps they had ever heard."
  9. Boyd

    New iPhone may also be a satellite communicator

    Interesting rumor here about the iPhone 13 (which is expected in September). "The iPhone 13 will feature low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication connectivity to allow users to make calls and send messages in areas without 4G or 5G coverage, according to the reliable analyst Ming-Chi...
  10. Boyd

    Garmin discontinues the Oregon series and some others

    No more Oregons and the Montana 600 series is also gone, now they only have the very expensive, huge Montana 700 "bricks". Wonder if this is just a sign of the shrinking market or if some new series is on the way?
  11. Boyd

    NOAA 2021 Hurricane Predictions

    Bad news is that it's supposed to be another bad year. Good news is that it shouldn't be as bad as last year though....
  12. Boyd

    Multiple Major Websites Down Amid Akamai Outage

    "An Akamai outage is affecting multiple major websites, many of which are down or experiencing issues at the current time. Affected websites include, HBO Max, UPS, Steam, PlayStation Network, LastPass, The Home Depot, Costco, American Express, and tons more. Some of these outages are...
  13. Boyd

    NJGIN 2020 aerials are (finally) available

    I thought we would see these much earlier, but better late than never! Have only taken a very quick look, but they look more sharp than the 2015 aerials. However, the natural color version has a rather ugly a greenish cast that reduces the contrast. It's really a shame that we can't get the same...
  14. Boyd

    Tornadoes confirmed in Woodbine and Little Egg Harbor last night

    Public Information Statement National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 547 PM EDT Fri Jul 9 2021 ...NWS Damage Survey results for Woodbine..Somers Point..and Little Egg Harbor Township on July 9... Two tornadoes have been confirmed in New Jersey. .Woodbine Tornado... Rating...
  15. Boyd

    Ninth anniversary of the "Super Derecho"

    It roared through here during the early morning hours on 6/30/2012. Cut a narrow path of devastation across South Jersey, some areas got nothing. It was a real mess here, all the roads were blocked with fallen trees, it was days before you could even go anywhere. And the power was out...
  16. Boyd

    CNBC: New Jersey is the "best state to live in"

    "1. New Jersey. Total score: 63.01 Although New Jersey is not among the most affordable states (it ranked 49), it got top marks in safety (ranked No. 1), quality of life (7) and education and health (5)."...
  17. Boyd

    Ft Dix NEXRAD radar outage

    Public Information Statement National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 205 PM EDT Mon Jun 7 2021 ...THE KDIX RADAR WILL BE DOWN FOR SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE... The National Weather Service Radar (WSR-88D) located at Fort Dix, New Jersey (KDIX) will be taken off line for scheduled maintenance. The...
  18. Boyd

    Real Estate

    I don't follow the real estate market since I'm quite happy here and have no interest in selling. But with all the news about real estate recently, I had a look at Zillow just for fun. Holy sh***! My house value has gone up 35% in less than a year. That is just crazy. The bottom fell out of the...
  19. Boyd

    High Wind Watch Friday

    URGENT - WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 332 AM EDT Thu Apr 29 2021 ...HIGH WIND WATCH IN EFFECT FROM FRIDAY AFTERNOON THROUGH LATE FRIDAY NIGHT... * WHAT...Northwest winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts of 50 to 60 mph possible. * WHERE...Portions of central, northern...
  20. Boyd

    Cold night coming - frost?

    Don't see any frost warnings, but tonight's forecast calls for lows between 32 to 34 degrees in the pines tonight...