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    Is this an Asian longhorned tick?

    I pulled this tick nymph off of my son this afternoon and for the first few minutes thought it was a dog tick, but looking closer something didn't match. I looked at the pics of the nymph for the Asian longhorned tick and I don't think this is far off, but maybe Sue Gremlin, Bob, Manumuskin or...
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    Pickerel on the Fly!

    My boys and I have fished since they were very small, but they were really bitten by the fishing bug back in 2019! I never fly fished before, however, and they showed interest, so we learned to fly fish and tie flies together last year (starting with those basic Orvis kits). We never fly fished...
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    Pine Barrens Catfish Adventure!

    My sons and I fell in love with fishing over the past few years, but this past summer we've done more than we ever have. All three of us really grew to enjoy pursuing catfish this summer. We came to find out that there are 5 species of catfish in NJ, and by the end of the summer, we had caught...
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    Thanks Folks!

    A few of you recently helped me with suggestions for places to get out and fish for pickerel, both in my fishing thread and over PM. We had a chance to get out a few times before the park restrictions and we were successful! My older son always outfishes me but I wouldn't have it any other way...
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    Pine Barrens Fishing Question

    Earlier this summer, both of my boys (ages 8 and 11) took a more serious interest in fishing, and we got out a bit in our area here in Central NJ. They have expressed interest in fishing in the Pine Barrens, and I'd love to take them. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some decent places...
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    Results of NJ WMA User Survey

    Found here:
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    Franklin Parker Preserve Red Trail Q

    I wanted to check in here for some opinions on the red trail on the FPP. I was planning on going out there on Sunday, but with the recent rains I was wondering if any parts of the trail would be impassable or just outright too muddy to walk comfortably with family? Also, how's the tick situation...
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    Fish Consumption Advisory-Lower Delaware R. Watershed

    Just in case any of you all fish out that way, I copied and pasted an e-mail that I received earlier from the DEP via their release feed. IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 19, 2018 Contact: Lawrence Hajna (609) 984-1795 Caryn Shinske (609) 984-1795 NEW JERSEY UPDATES FISH CONSUMPTION ADVISORIES FOR...
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    Best Kayaking/Canoeing Lakes in Pines?

    I'm finally biting the bullet and purchasing a canoe and a kayak for family. In the past we've canoed Prospertown Lake and Atsion Lake, both were beautiful, but I wanted to ask the opinions of others-what are the most scenic and outright best lakes in the Pine Barrens to drop a canoe and spend...
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    DEP Releases New Wildlife Action Plan

    The DEP just released its new Wildlife Action Plan, and is inviting the public to comment on it: Admittedly I didn't read all 3052 pages of it, however I got to some very interesting parts of it within the course of an hour. One thing that surprised...
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    Update on a Project...

    I wanted to keep you all in the loop regarding a project that the students and I became involved in a few years back. In short, the students were in the middle of an amphibian conservation project and I went to look up the NJ State reptile and amphibian and noticed that there wasn't one. So we...
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    Interesting Article about Eastern Coyote

    I found this interesting, I thought that others might as well...
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    Teens Throw Garbage in Osprey Nest

    Another Whiskey-Tango-Halo moment. I somewhat wish that they had tried that with a goshawk nest. The hilarity that ensued would have been entertaining to say the least.
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    Tick Ecology in NJ Pine Barrens?

    Over the course of the years I have found myself more and more stumped and fascinated (as well as revolted) by the sheer number of tick encounters that I've had in the Pine Barrens. I long assumed that the concentration of ticks was not greater in the Pines, but that they were questing...
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    Interesting Article

    I thought the folks here might like to read this:
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    Looking for Info on Pickerel Frogs

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for info on sightings of pickerel frogs (especially adults!) within the Pine Barrens, especially the core Pine Barrens. Would you mind sharing info if you've seen them? Exact locations are not necessary if there is concern about sensitive areas. My reasoning in short; I'm...
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    Resource for Bladderwort ID?

    Hi Folks, I was wondering if anyone knew of a resource that they could refer me to for a complete list of NJ's (not general North American) bladderworts? I'm looking to improve my ID skills for them and found myself stumped many times in the past. I wanted to refrain from buying another...
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    Interesting Article (Blacklegged Ticks)

    I came across this article about blacklegged (deer) ticks and their questing behavior in Northeastern and Midwestern vs. Southeastern United States. It seems that there is a correlation between the higher incidences of Lyme disease, and aggressive questing on top of leaf litter. I think that...
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    More Herp Fauna!

    Hi Folks, Here's my 2015 end-of-the-year herp thread to share our finds, enjoy! First vernal pool activity of the year, with wood frogs, alone, in amplexus, and in mating balls: The operation was a success: ... a later shot of the eggs hatching. See the tadpoles? They are feeding on...
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    Re-Wilding North America

    Hi Folks, I've been reading about this recently and wanted to share. Although I understand the merits in theory, I cannot commit to being for the idea, as I see the potential for at least a few major issues with it. That being said, I'm fascinated by this and am interested in hearing the...