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    Offroad article in the Asbury Park Press

    It's hard for me to comment on this without becoming infuriated. On the one hand, I (obviously) do wish people would be more responsible and have more respect for the land that we all share. On the other hand, it would be nice if the people who manage the land have more consideration for how...
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    Tour of the Pines

    No worries brother. About those snakes, I need to get out to the Pine Barrens to see some herps! I'm not going anywhere near Cumberland County Bayshore until those midges and greenheads disappear, so interior barrens sounds like a good idea. ;)
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    Tour of the Pines

    Beautiful! Looks like you had a great day out with your daughter! Thank you for sharing, and best wishes for many more happy times together. BTW the plant that you asked about is Goat's rue (Tephrosia virginiana).
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    Is this an Asian longhorned tick?

    Sue thank you for the ID! Regarding tick species in the Pine Barrens, I've also pulled deer ticks off of me in Medford (about 1 mile from the transition zone) and IIRC also at Bass River S.F. Still after all of these years I'm banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why ticks...
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    Is this an Asian longhorned tick?

    Hi Bob, he picked it up in Mercer County. IIRC Hunterdon County, just north of us, was where the longhorned was first reported. The lighting in the second pic I shared didn't really capture the appearance of the nymph very well, the first one is a better shot of it I think.
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    Is this an Asian longhorned tick?

    I pulled this tick nymph off of my son this afternoon and for the first few minutes thought it was a dog tick, but looking closer something didn't match. I looked at the pics of the nymph for the Asian longhorned tick and I don't think this is far off, but maybe Sue Gremlin, Bob, Manumuskin or...
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    Rosa Rugosa

    I knew this one as beach rose. I saw a patch of it on dunes a few years ago on Sandy Hook.
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    And so it goes, and goes

    Really sad to see the land ripped up like that. Regarding Ocean Breeze, my In-Laws live in Atlantic Hills. It's a nice area. One of my first -real- girlfriends grew up near Ocean Acres before she moved to Toms River (we dated in 1991-1992, after she had moved). We used to go visit her friends...
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    Garden 2020

    Off topic from tobacco, but just today I started seeds for our first crops of the 2021 garden: collard greens and cabbage. I'll have them under grow-lights for about a month and then start hardening off! Oh man I feel the same way you do about the end of life. I smoked from about 1985 until...
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    A Very Merry Christmas

    Congratulations! Merry Christmas and God Bless.
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    NJ hunter found stabbed and beaten to death at Boy Scout reservation

    Just read about this and I came on to see if this was already posted. Terrible.
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    Pickerel on the Fly!

    That sounds great, thank you!
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    Pickerel on the Fly!

    My boys and I have fished since they were very small, but they were really bitten by the fishing bug back in 2019! I never fly fished before, however, and they showed interest, so we learned to fly fish and tie flies together last year (starting with those basic Orvis kits). We never fly fished...
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    Cranberry Farming Has a History in NJ (Thanksgiving Recipe Included)

    ...and THIS is why this community is amazing! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.
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    Pine Barrens Catfish Adventure!

    Hey Rednek350, we've eaten channel cats before but I thought there were mercury advisories for most of the Pine Barrens? That's good info about the Delaware. We want to get out there next year more often. My sons are just crazy about catfishing. Give them a pond with bullhead in it and they're...
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    Off-road Article

    Yeah that seemed to come out of nowhere... Regardless, besides stepping up enforcement, I can't imagine many other compromises between allowing responsible motorists to recreate in the Pine Barrens and closing the roads to motor vehicles to keep the abusers out (the latter should never be an...
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    Pine Barrens Catfish Adventure!

    My sons and I fell in love with fishing over the past few years, but this past summer we've done more than we ever have. All three of us really grew to enjoy pursuing catfish this summer. We came to find out that there are 5 species of catfish in NJ, and by the end of the summer, we had caught...
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    What we did to this wonderful flowering seep.

    Bob (or anyone else), do you know if there are residential wells in the area, or if the water is piped in from a treatment facility? If it's the former, I'd be even more concerned...
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    Shamong Mayor Envisions His Township Becoming A Hub Of Cannabis Cultivation If Legalization Is Approved By NJ Voters

    I'll have to check that show out! Sounds interesting. We are fascinated by shows/movies that address the topic, although often find it depressing at the same time. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul were outstanding, although the interface between the main characters' stories and the drug trade...