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  1. Anthony Amalfitano

    Hawkin Rd, dirt section.

    Two weekends ago Fish and Wildlife had their Expo at Colliers Mills. I took my Daughter there. When we were done wandering through the exhibits we went for a ride south on Hawkin Rd. We came upon this survey marker, it's fairly new, cement, with a silver disk in the center. There wasn't anything...
  2. Anthony Amalfitano

    Burlington Co.

    I stumbled upon this web site today, some might find it interesting.
  3. Anthony Amalfitano

    The Mahacomack Line

    I was jealous to see photos of Marker Stones for the Lawrence Line, and Blacks property stones. Which caused me to recall the discovery of a Mahacomack Line marker in Colliers Mills WMA. Persons unknown had attempted to remove this stone and left it laying on the ground. A second person removed...