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  1. manumuskin

    Two Firms Eyeing Sites In Shamong For Cannabis Operations

    This may put all the Maurice River twp boys uit of business. Come to think of it I ain't found no clandestine weed fields in the woods in awhile.
  2. manumuskin

    Where is this?

    There is a South Millville gun Club on Tuckahoe/Belleplain rd just south of Weatherby rd. Thats not even the same county as Millville.
  3. manumuskin

    Fall/Winter Stone Searching 2021/2022

    I like powder for walking in the woods.All you here is swish swish swish,almost silent.Wet snow is great for tracking but once it freezes it turns into this stuff I hate.Obnixiously loud and crunchie.The critters have a hard time getting through it to food.It's just miserable stuff.I call it our...
  4. manumuskin

    Fall/Winter Stone Searching 2021/2022

    I just went out to hunt some monuments and a few stones on a new deed I found for the Bevan area just five minutes away.I already know of some stones in the area that were connected to this deed anyway which helped a bit. I know it was supposed to hit 46 yesterday and rain all day.When I got out...
  5. manumuskin

    Fall/Winter Stone Searching 2021/2022

    Now thats a new one! I have never found a snake in the snow!
  6. manumuskin

    Winter Storm Watch

    I"d say about five inches so far in Laurel Lake.A wet snow man snowball type snow.I prefer powder,better walking in the woods,quieter and less exhausting but if you want a snowball fight this is your stuff
  7. manumuskin

    Winter Storm Watch

    I just drove home from work in Bridgeton and there was barely a coating there.I swear as I crossed Cedarville rd on Buckshutem it jumped to four inches deep within two hundred yards.
  8. manumuskin

    Music for the day

    I have noticed that some of you uns seem to like Hippie music.I do also.I"m not quite old enough to have been a hippe but am old enough to remember the era. Not much on their life philosophy but I do dig their is a podcast one of may I listen to on a weekly basis.You can download...
  9. manumuskin

    Winter Storm Watch

    I"m in the jackpot zone!
  10. manumuskin

    Fall/Winter Stone Searching 2021/2022

    You'd think deer would know that spruce just don't go with the Barrens
  11. manumuskin

    Using trail cameras to hunt wildlife in Arizona is banned as of New Year's Day

    Lord! What am I going to moon if they take all the cameras? There are people out there who still haven't seen the Dark Side! I have often told my brother that he dumps more money in food on the forest floor then he's getting from the deer he's killing. On the other hand If I ever decide to go...
  12. manumuskin

    Trail Tracker App Aims To Increase Safety In Ocean County Parks

    I have a program called GIMP on my laptop which will allow me to rotate pic/maps by degrees. This way if I have a map where north isn't up I can screen shot it then rotate the pic till north is up and save it and then import it into a mapping program that will allow me to get the proper compass...
  13. manumuskin

    Trail Tracker App Aims To Increase Safety In Ocean County Parks

    My Silva housing also rotates but I comfort myself in the knowledge that at least the needle is pointing north or at least some where thereabouts.
  14. manumuskin

    Some holiday fun in 3d

    Boyd if I give you access to my brain could you write me some code that will allow me to function with maps that display in obscene compass points facing up?
  15. manumuskin

    Midway Atoll

    I love Google Earthing small out of the way islands,many arctic ones have substandard coverage at best.
  16. manumuskin

    Trail Tracker App Aims To Increase Safety In Ocean County Parks

    If satellite ever goes down were all bug food!
  17. manumuskin

    An Ode to Odes

    Mark loads of Dragon and damselflies here along trail in summer.Lot of wildflowers along here that attract insect prey. Do you have the NJ Dragonf;ly book? I have it here,it's a great resource.
  18. manumuskin

    Then & Now Photos

    UGGGHH!!! That Topo is upside down! ThaT would give me coniptions on a gps!