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  1. njvike

    Bass River OKs miniature Tuckerton Railroad at park Bass River OKs miniature Tuckerton Railroad at park By ROB SPAHR Published: Thursday, April 19, 2007 BASS RIVER TOWNSHIP — After more than 100 years of waiting, Bass River Township will finally be connected...
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    Union Transportation Company

    This little railroad was sometimes mentioned in Beck's books. Here's a little article on it:
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    Tuckahoe Tower 100 Year Anniversary

    Click here for details:
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    How A Forest Was Saved

    Thought people in here would be interested in the following article:
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    Southern Railroad of NJ

    As the article mentions, I think many people under 40 have yet to see tracks being put down but there are exceptions. Southern RR of NJ to acquire two new customers if they get approval to place down the tracks...
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    Jellyfish in Barnegat Bay

    Just heard on the new up here that many jellyfish have found their way into Barnegat Bay. Yes, the bay. There were several possibilities that were mentioned but the one that most agreed on was that the pollution levels have increased causing more bacteria which jellyfish apparently feed off...
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    Thousands of fish found dead in Lake Shenandoah

    The Associated Press 6/8/2004, 12:52 a.m. ET LAKEWOOD, N.J. (AP)  Thousands of fish found dead in Lake Shenandoah apparently were killed by soaps, rotting food and other materials washed into the waterway last week as firefighters battled a blaze that destroyed two township...
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    Goodbye Tony Randall :-(

    Thanks for the many laughs :(
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    GPS Review

    While reading through my PC magazine this month I came across a review of some GPS. Here's the article:,1759,1573159,00.asp I didn't realize that they can be so expensive.
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    Where's Border Walker and Alfonso

    Where have you guys been lately?
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    Super Bowl

    Even if you didn't watch the big game yesterday, I'm sure you've seen the little half time incident with Janet Jackson. I think they should both be heavily fined as well as the producer for this stunt. Far be it from me what to tell people what to watch but people can make the decision to...
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    New Cars* I don't know about you but my next car is the Chrylse ME; right after I wind the lottery, of course :-) 248 MPH/2.6 0-60 and 10.2 in the 1/4. EEEEWOOOOOO
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    Happy Holidays

    I know it's a little early:
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    Abel and Mary Nicholson House

    I just saw this article and thought it might be appropriate. Since it's South Jersey and not the Pine Barrens, I posted it here.
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    Cranberry Festival

    I'm sorry to admit that I've never gone to this event. Has anyone in this forum attended? If so, is it really crowded? What time would you recommend getting there? Is anyone else going this year? Ken
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    Harris Station

    I see on several maps that there was another station on the Jersey Cental called Harris Station. Is there anything here to see? I also noticed that in Upton there is another ralled called station road, I believe. Anything here to see? TIA
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    The 13th Child

    I just visited the site and it says the movie should be available ths month. Has anyone purchased it yet?
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    Crackdown on illegal use of off-road vehicles costly

    Just saw this a few days ago in the Asbury Park Press.,21133,798595,00.html
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    Something stinks

    Take a look at this article. Anyone hear to take a *wild* guess as to what this might be? Perhaps, the Jersey Devil died :lol:
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    A smaller URL?

    If you even need to shorten a link, here's a few sites that can help: ex: is now: Not the greatest example since this is a good size URL but if you have a long URL that gets...