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    Old picture of Batsto Mansion and General Store

    Batsto - An old view of the mansion and the general store/post office from around 1907. I posted this out on FB earlier today but figured I ought to put it here as well. It probably isn't unique or anything but what the heck :)
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    Clement Maps and Drafts

    I was talking with Spung-Man yesterday and he told me how very useful Clement's Maps and Drafts were to him. I pointed out to him that this set of resources was now available on the web and he said that someone should post a link to them. So, they're on my site, so I figured it was on me to do...
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    Three Wheeled Mill at Egg Harbor City

    Just ran in to this out at eBay. I've seen other images and I think I might even have a couple of them squirreled away in some folder on my hard drive, but I've never seen this one. It's a Kirsch post card though by H. Kirsch rather than Max. It dates from around 1910 I guess. As it says, it...
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    An annoyingly big 1872 nap of Atlantic County

    Here, as promised a ridiculously long time ago, is a link to a digital copy of the Beers Comstock and Cline map of Atlantic County. The image is huge and can be anywhere from nonexistent to a bit balky in a lot of browsers. I strongly recommend downloading the Opera Browser form...
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    Bill Farr on Goshen

    Bill Farr on Goshen - GOSHEN (Goshen Mill, Inskeep’s Mill, Goshen Neck) In 1820, when Atsion was owned and operated by Jacob Downing (Iron in the Pines, page 35), a road was laid out from the "Atsion Road" near Richard Clines in Burlington County, northwest of Atsion, to the Batsto Road, a...
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    Lake and Beers Map of Philadelphia and Vicinity - 1869

    Oh no! Not another stupid big map from relayer. Yeah, I know. Browser busting self promotion are us (or is it "is me"?). At any rate, with the caveats mentioned in the Burlington post it is still an interesting map and well worth a look. There are some issues as far as parts of SJ being...
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    Image of CCC Camp at Green Bank

    Below is a post card view, which was over enthusiastically described by an ebay vendor as "aerial", of the CCC camp at Green Bank. I downloaded the image a short time ago and figured I'd post it here. I wish I kew a bit more about the subject but have not, alas, taken the time to do the...
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    1859 Parry Sikes and Earl map of Burlington County

    Well, Ijust put up a copy of the 1859 Parry Sikes and Earl Map of Burlington County. It is an obscenely huge file (about 50 meg) but loads fine, albeit with a bit of a wait on both my 10 year old iLamp and its new cousin. I'm not entirely pleased with my handiwork so it may change slightly...
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    Jack Pudding - A recycled tall tale

    One of of the pleasures of this season, as noted by no less an authority than Amy Grant, is to "make up tales of how it used to be." This is such a tale. Inspired by an actual place name in Atlantic County, it was first spun a year ago for the West Jersey History Roundtable and the told again...
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    Da Costa

    Below is a picture of the boarding house at DaCosta That was taken on 4 April 1907. Here are a few lines about the picture from Paul Schopp, who obviously paid far more attention to the information out at ebay than I did. "This is a great view of G.H. Day’s Boarding House in Da Costa. Day is...
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    Lines on the Pines 6 - 11 March 2011

    Linda asked me to remind folks that Lines on the Pines is coming up fast. This is a great event that is part book signing, part art show, part science fair, part history exhibit, part guide to the outdoors, part folk festival and all about the New Jersey Pine Barrens and areas just adjacent...
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    1862 Lake and Beers Map of Cumberland County

    Anybody interested in seeing a really big, detailed, slow loading, browser busting 148 year old map of Cumberland County? Go here then: Enjoy:)
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    Historic Images of Burlington County

    A whole bunch of pictures of old time Burlington County. Some of them are actually from down in the Pines.
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    Jerseyman's new blog

    Jerseyman has gone and gotten himself a blog. You might want to check it out. Enjoy now and then.
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    Oswego Query

    Below is a request for help I’ve cross posted from the NJ History List. I don’t know the person and as far as I can tell he is not a member here. So, if you are inclined to help, you’ll need to email him directly. relayer From: Tony Riccardo [] Sent: Feb 17...
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    Blue Holes and etc.

    Mark Demitroff was kind enough to send me some information in response to a discussion on BC's list. I felt it was worth cross posting. Text follows... Blue holes are simply strong riverine springs that issued from deep, circular cavities or holes occupying the bottom of relict and modern...
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    Place name near Hammonton Airport

    There is a collection of older houses at the interesting, triangle forming intersection of Rt 613 and Rt 693 that really looks like it ought to have a name. However, unless I had Mapquest and Google at the wrong scales to see it, no name was to be found. Didn't have any luck with the county...
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    Abandoned Bogs South of Atsion on 206

    Does anyone know the story on what appear to be abandoned cranberry bogs on the west side of 206 just south of Atsion. If that is what they are it's a pity that all that effort is being lost in an era when cranberries seem to be in big demand. Thanks relayer
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    Perhaps it's because I don't see very well or else that I just don't pay attention but we were33 out the other day and I finally noticed that the Shamong Twp sports complex was named after Dingletown. "What's the story on that name?" I thought. After forgetting about it for a while I finally...
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    The Air Tune

    In his book "The Pine Barrens" John McPhee recounts the story of the Air Tune wherein Sammy Giberson engages in a fiddling contest with the Devil to determine who the best fiddler is, loses the contest and then is rescued when the Air Tune is heard and puts both their efforts to shame. I...