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  1. amf

    Tindall Island hike

    Boondoggle indeed. While there used to be regular barge traffic on the Cohansey many years ago - it is a rather deep river, but always required dredgeing at the mouth and the stretch above Fairton - the many twists and turns made navigation difficult, particularly for a 'large barge'. I recall...
  2. amf

    Tindall Island hike

    Yup. I believe it was constructed around the time they were trying to establish a port on the Cohansey in Bridgeton. There was a small dredge disposal area there and another in Bridgeton next to the wastewater treatment plant.
  3. amf

    Tindall Island hike

    I believe the diked island was used for dredge disposal at one point, hence the remnants of the water control structure. Last time I was out there I came back with an incredible chigger infestation - it was a bit earlier in the season than now! Nice picture of the old corduroy road, btw. It...
  4. amf

    RV Dump Stations (State Parks or WMA)

    Some sewer plants might... if they are set up to accept septic tank waste. I know we did down in Bridgeton - just had to call to be let in. If any are near you its worth inquiring.
  5. amf

    Cranberry Farming Has a History in NJ (Thanksgiving Recipe Included)

    I formerly resided in Greenwich (the real Greenwich, down in Cumberland County) and the local rumour was that the first cranberry bog in New Jersey was located there, near the headwaters of Pine Mount Creek. This was in the 1700's. I never saw the site myself, but did see where a bog had been...
  6. amf

    What we did to this wonderful flowering seep.

    Wow. And some folks think we don't need wetland or stream protections.
  7. amf

    What we did to this wonderful flowering seep.

    Not saying that is the case here, but that type of oil sheen and the ochre sludge can often be naturally occurring.
  8. amf

    The West Side of the Pines

    If you could have that entire drainage area without the old paintworks (well, maybe that and the old landfill on Centennial Blvd), it would have been a surprisingly clean body of water. As you said, a Pine Barren outlier draining to the west.
  9. amf

    The West Side of the Pines

    Wow... never knew that was the name of the lake. We always called it 'square circle lake'. Its where I first fished, and learned to ice skate. I imagine its been a while since folks skated there - seems none of the lakes freeze solid any more, except for one brief spell in January of 2018...
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    It is a nice beach. Definitely worth visiting.
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    I must have paddled over that wreck half a dozen times, but always around a high tide and never saw a trace of it. Be careful when you go... there are some squirrelly currents there where Stow Creek has breached the bank into Delaware Bay.
  12. amf

    Pink Clay

    The pink clay is actually fairly widespread across the cumberland county area east of Bridgeton. I came across fairly extensive patches of it doing field work at Cumberland Nurseries on the south side of Rt 49, as well as on the grounds of FCI-Fairton. Interestingly at Cumberland Nurseries there...
  13. amf

    pine barrens outside of the Pine Barrens

    There even used to be some cranberry bogs in the Pecks Corner area. I believe one of the earliest cultivated bogs in the state was from down that way.
  14. amf

    The end of Garmin Basecamp

    From past experience with them, unless its changed Garmin's definition of lifetime is definitely what it sounds like...
  15. amf

    Lotus flowers

    I think the bloom is done for this year.
  16. amf

    Ideas for a Milky Way Shot

    Wow... Mr Fusco's shots are amazing! I was down on an island in the mid-Chesapeake Bay over the weekend and the view of the Milky Way was simply stunning. One of the few times I can recall seeing it directly overhead and horizon to horizon. Wish I had some way to capture it!
  17. amf

    Update on new housing/commercial space proposal for Manchester

    Its good to see... when I was there Jackson, Lacey, Berkley, and Barnegat were exploding.
  18. amf

    Update on new housing/commercial space proposal for Manchester

    Its good to see OC hasn't changed since I worked there in the late 70's. Build at any cost. If it weren't for CAFRA and the Pinelands being a little drag, the entire county would be Long Island South.
  19. amf

    Update on new housing/commercial space proposal for Manchester

    Nucular waste!! Yikes!! I remember tending some research plots out there (late 70's?) for testing benefits of the absorbent gel in baby diapers on plant growth. Roots were dipped in the gel to see if it would hold moisture and improve plant growth. Hope I didn't get ir-radiated!
  20. amf

    Resource for Bladderwort ID?

    Good to see the bladderwort gettin' some love. Usually those darn sundews and pitcher plants get all the carnivorous love. Unless in flower I don't even attempt an i.d.