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    More Eco Terrorism?

    Dave no offense taken, we just come from different lines of thought. Your trail system sounds logical on the surface and therefore wont work in this state, May i suggest perhaps a move to either PA or NY state? Beautiful areas and less restrictive government.
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    More Eco Terrorism?

    Mark- I dont know enough about local flora and plants in general to know which ones i should not step on, i would rather err on the side of caution and not damage anything in our one of a kind ecosystem that is the pine barrens. Broke Jeep Joe- I can not speak for other hikers, but i plan on...
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    More Eco Terrorism?

    I understand and respect your position, i guess what it really comes down to is the Potential that 4wheelers have to do extensive damage. As a hiker i stay on the blazed trails for the safety of myself and for the good of the forest. I am sure there are plenty of 4 wheelers that do the same, but...
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    More Eco Terrorism?

    If all the people that wanted to go "4x4ering" chipped in there $$ i am sure they could find a nice piece of non pine barrens land to do this on, anyone that thinks the State of New Jersey is going to give them a place to 4x4 is crazy, it would not have happened before all the budget cuts that...
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    More Eco Terrorism?

    Sorry if anyone misunderstood my origional post, I did not mean to imply that it would be ok for a 4x4 er to be hurt, just that a booby trap is indiscriminant and can't effectivly be used to single out a 4x4er and that anyone could get hurt
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    More Eco Terrorism?

    Both sides are in the wrong, 4x4ers should not be permitted to destroy the forest and the "Eco Terrorist" obviously should not be putting in booby traps that could hurt a non 4x4er. I cant really say which is worse, a person that is passionate enough about there cause to hurt or maim someone...
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    More mountain lion sightings

    I know Cumberland county has Bobcats, Cougars in New Jersey would shock me. I did however see a Lemur run in front of my car last summer, I was about 5 miles from the Cape May Zoo, it was obviously an escaped animal.
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    Oyster Creek Power Plant cooling tower

    Wow its almost comical to see Exelon talk about the prohibitive costs of the cooling towers, when they would make that all back in profit between a month and a half and 11 months depending on the cost
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    ch-47 chinooks?

    Salem City here, and i see them also, one or two at a time. If i had to guess they are coming from Deleware as when i see them they are usually going NE or SW
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    Bobcat killed

    I have a friend that saw one a few years ago on his property in Port Norris NJ ( cumberland county)
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    Bald eagles in south Jersey?

    Salem County has a nice size population of bald eagles, i see them atleast once a week some times a few times a week, we also have a ton of deer coyotes and i saw a black bear last September. Not to mention Fox and wild turkey. Some people claim we also have bobcats here, i have not personally...
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    Waiting for YOU!

    That picture makes my feet itch
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    ? About Kayaking the "very" lower Delaware

    If you come down to the very southern part i would give a wide berth to the power plant as you do not want to get to close in any water craft
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    What was your first (Pine Barrens) car?

    1st car a 75 chevy malibu, first woods mobile was a 84 AMC eagle sedan. Awesome car
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    Searching For The J Roger Brick Stone

    Wow i wish i had half the hear you guys have, bravo
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    Possible Tick Illness

    If your gut is telling you its related to your tick bite, then don't give up. Medical pros making misdiagnosis are not to uncommon, they call it practicing medicine for a reason. You could also give a call to the State of New Jersey;s Family health line, they wont know the info but they can...
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    Green snake

    Only one i ever saw i thought was dead until a buddy of mine took him out of the shade where he was "frozen" in place and help him in the son for 5 minutes to get him moving again. Was awesome to watch
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    ORV park meeting

    Found this info on Craiglist figured some of the people here might be interested. Little Egg Harbor Off-Road Park Special Township Meeting Tuesday June 30, 2009 TIME: 7:00 PM in the evening. Hi Everyone, I was just over at the Little Egg Harbor Township Municipal Complex and...
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    unfortunate photos of apple pie hill

    Sounds like we need to set up a NJPB sting operation!!! Seriously though we could use our power as private citizens to detain said persons until local law enforcement came to take over. Although the liability involved with putting your hands on someone is not worth it. Maybe its time for...
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    I just had to post this.

    Thank god we have the NJ government here to protect us- Sarcasm off I wonder if people who purchase handguns illegally to use in robberies and murders have to abide by the one hand gun a month rule? I wish that the people that mad the laws in NJ had a fing brain cell among the entire...