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    Ocean County Railroad Disscussion

    The Waretown barnch of the Ocean County library will be host the railroad disscussion from Wells Mills Park. German will be the speaker. He is the same one how gives the talk at Wells Mills with the slide show. It will be held Aug. 9th at 7:00 pm I think. You need to call the library to...
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    Potter Church, Murray Grove

    Barry great post card. Mike heres a link. It's in Forked River in Lacey Township.
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    Asbury Park demolition will save beloved Tillie

    Heres some pictures of it. Figured it might be a good idea for people who have no clue who we are talking about.
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    Hey Renee, Thanks for you post. As a matter of fact thank you for most of your post. It's nice to have someone spend the time doing alittle research for us all. You really do give alot to this group. Thanks. Nykki
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    Tick`s & Chigger`s

    I just got a bottle from A&P up the street here. Also Rite Aid sells it too. More and more places are selling herbs. If you want to extract your own Gunning River Herbs in Barnegat sells the trees.
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    Tick`s & Chigger`s

    I've only seen them in pet stores and Walmarts pet section. I only wish I had grabbed one when I saw them. Nykki
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    Basket Making Kids Style

    You can call any of the parks around here and they will tell you. Nykki
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    Tick`s & Chigger`s

    I didn't either till I met She uses it on her kids and pets. Takes them right out. I'm just hoping to find one but of course my tea tree oil will still be by my side :)
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    Tick`s & Chigger`s

    hmmm thats why I don't itch afterwards. For tick removal I found tea tree oil works best. Made them back right out and your cleaning the spot at the same time. My friend swears by a tick spoon. It takes them right out and never leaves the head. Walmart use to carry them I don't know if they...
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    Smokey the Bear turns 60

    Yes he does. Hope I look as good.
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    What's left?

    lol wouldn't be the pines :)
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    Kids kayak & canoe camp

    Kids Kayak Camp Learn the basics of sea kayaking and gain confidence during this two-day “on land and in the water†kayak camp. You will learn about kayak safety, necessary equipment, paddling techniques, and simple rescues. You will even go on a short kayak trip the second day...
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    Basket Making Kids Style

    Basket Making Kids Style This functional basket can be used for many things. You will learn basic weaving to create this fun basket. The size is 6W x 9L x 4H with two straps. Please bring a $10.00 material fee to be paid to Mary May the instructor. Pack a lunch and join the fun...
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    Smokey the Bear turns 60

    On Saturday Wells Mills Park will be hosting a birthday bash for Smokey. It starts at 10 am and runs until 1. They will be having talks of different topics, game, face painting, crafts, and nature walks. They will also have the traveling safety house, fire trucks and gear, birthday cake and...
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    Pinesnake Encounters

    Bob, I grow up on Green Valley Rd. in Jackson. Lived there until 6th grade. I really makes me sad what has happen to Jackson but it started back when I was a kid with Flair and has just gotten worse. They also bought an older home. They both grow up in Jackson but she grow up on the road. I...
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    Pinesnake Encounters

    Bob, Friends of ours live in Jackson on Lakehurst Ave. They find at least 1 snake a day in their yard. Pine snakes and a ring neck??? Some of them are pretty big in size. Nykki
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    Frog question

    Not as much as me and Mitch. When we built our pond all of a sudden everyone we knew had to have Jimmy was the same and had to have his bigger then ours. Well his caved in and the filter died and everyone garbage started landing in it. So he gave up. He couldn't believe how nice our...
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    Frog question

    Build it and they will come!!! We were out by our pond tonight showing Mitchs friend the pond and who show walk out onto a rock??? Nykki
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    Red Oak Grove

    The Ocean County Historical Society just put out an article on ROG. It is in their Scrolls newsletter. What was really exciting about the whole thing is my moms great grandfather was a minister from Manchester/Lakehurst area around the same times as in the story. There is a cenus with his name...